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How to WIN at meal planning!

This video was two years ago. Who ever thought I'd be in Mechatronics building things since then? Who says people can't be a good influence like Randy is on me, pushing me to constantly be better?

I now recommend the My TransPhormation App for meal planning. Once you install it you can add me as your coach in the app and I will help you. Message me for my Advisor code so you can add me and so we can setup a time to chat about how the meal planning would work for your specific situation.

In the video, I give a valuable tip. You will need it, because there will be time when you either can't log your food or won't long your food because of the circumstances in your life. So, make the investment in yourself!

Ask if you have questions!!!

You can win at this game if you DECIDE to and just do it. No more excuses!

If I can do it all these years with various ailments, hernia surgery, broken back, hormones, various injuries, stress of life, wearing too many good hats and too much to do and not enough time, so can you! I am not anything special, just this little ol lady up on a mountain top, can't you see?

And have a great day!


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