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How to make the perfect meal plan

First, what are those little green check marks?

And how do you get them?

You get those when you PLAN your day so that you hit your macro and calorie goals.

This only happens when you plan ahead. How? Well, the night before, or in the morning BEFORE you eat, you make the plan for the day with the food you have available.

Once you get everything entered, notch food up or down in serving sizes until it matches up and you get the green check marks.

THEN, measure and pack your food for the day. If it's foods you will eat at home, you can still measure and pack it right there in the fridge so that when you get busy it's done for you.

Later in the day and evenings we tend to not make such good choices becasue we have taken on the stess of the day, it hinders our ability to make good choices just as much as drinking alcohol. Oh yeah, and if you add alcohol it's a double whammy for ability to make good choices.

If you need help setting your macros and calories for you goal, I can help!

If you need help on how to make those little green check marks happen, I can help!

I'm always here for you!

Join me in the 1st Phorm App, send me a message, and let's get going!

Also going on in the App is the Fall $50k Transformation challenge. It starts at the beginning of October but it's best to start now so I can help set you up for success and get you rolling in the processes you need in order to WIN. And when I say win, I mean win at everything in your life because all of the things we do apply to that. Go ahead, ask me how!

Love, Roberta ❤

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