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How to keep the Accountability Continuum going

How do you hold yourself accountable, so you won't quit?

How do you keep your mindset positive so that you don't continuously feel overwhelmed?

It doesn't matter where you are when you start. Come as you are, start where you are now.

All that matters is that we start, and then we keep going up, even if the pattern does a little zig zag, or we rest on a step for a bit before we take the next.

Oh man, I'll tell you what, I did not feel like taking my day 43 picture this morning!

I didn't feel like it on January 1st this year either.

Or over 10 years ago when I weighed almost 200 pounds.

I'm doing this all year, every single week.

I'm super proud of all of you in the App doing this with me. Some of you are making amazing progress and when the time comes, you'll get to show it to the world.

I talked about it a little in a video today, click on the picture to view the video...

It's a continuum, and we all have to keep going.

I'm keeping my words short today in this post, because I made my points in the video.

You know by now that I'm here for you.

If you want to join me in the amazing all-in-one Fitness App <--- That's the link where I'm a fitness advisor. Sign up and message me there, we can do assessments, text, and stay in touch so that you can stay accountable. Being accountable is a two way street, you and me, we stay in contact. Meet me half way, I'm loyal to my people.

Tell me, do you have a mechanism in place to hold you accountable like I talked about in my video?

Or are you holding onto your excuses or thinking you have to be at a certain place to start?

Don't believe the lies.

Let's go!


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