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How to end the "Before" pictures with NO AFTER syndrome.

Michelle is a wife, mom, professional woman with her own business as a Self-Care coach.

Even coaches need coaches and accountability.

Even coaches need to work on their own mindset.

We all have to do the little steps every day, in every aspect of our lives.

If we slip with little steps every day, our success and standing starts to slip as well.

When we get back to the seemingly mundane daily habits that bring it back, things start working again.

It's not about "feeling good" because sometimes feeling good causes us to slip in a false sense of security, which can make us think we don't need to do the little things anymore.

Michelle had quit on herself. She saw my story and contacted me and she got setup in the My TransPhormation App. She stayed consistent at taking her pictures which is huge for keeping your mindset. I know it's a hard thing for people to do, it's hard for me too.

But something happens when you break through the "It's hard and I hate my pictures!" phase, and you simply make it one of the processes that you do weekly. It's just as important as weighing your food portions or stepping on the body weight scale once a week.

Every process every day matters. You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to keep going.

Once she signed up in the App and had access to the workouts and nutrition planning tools, we were able to chat on the phone and go over the plan. Michelle was awesome about keeping up with taking her pictures and contacting me in the app to let me know how she was doing. She let me know when things were not working right, as well as when things went smoothly. She asked questions when she wasn't sure. She made an effort to stay in touch and that is part of what helped her stay engaged.

She did this herself, she did the work, but she utilized the App and me as her coach which is a big deal. Not staying engaged is often why people fail. A coach can't do it for you, but a coach will be here to walk with you. That's what I do as an Advisor in the App.

Here is Michelle's story in her own words:

OVER 42 "BEFORE" PICTURES WITH NO AFTER. That's what it took for me to see how many times I had quit on myself. Looking through photos for pictures of my son for a graduation post. Seeing year after year of "before" photos.

This is 158 days I chose not to quit on myself. Win your life back one day at a time. It starts with a decision to change. To decide you no longer want to be negative, resentful, broke, wasted, overweight, fearful. Name it. Change it.

Start by learning any and all new ideas and concepts from people doing what you want to do. Living the life you want to live. Emmerse yourself.

Implement their habits and routines. You may not notice any changes at first.

These pictures represent 5 pounds. That's it. The scale didn't move for months. My mindset did. My belief in myself did. If something didn't work, I kept going and I tried new things.

You only fail when you quit trying. One bad day is not a failure. A week is not a failure. Get back in the saddle. Stay the course. Change is coming.

Then Michelle asks "What do you want to change? Tell me below!" You can go to her page and tell her.

And I'd love to hear from you too! If you want to join me in the App, any time, I am here. Send me a message and we can get started.


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