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How to create meal plans

1300 calorie meal plan

As promised, here's the first meal plan. This is just one plan for one day. Other days will need to have more traditional meals (protein, veggie, carbs). The rule of thumb is a palm size of protein, and a fist size of veggie and carb. It's often the fats and bigger portions of protein and carbs that can prevent us from achieving our goals.

The smaller a person is (me, pick me!) the smaller the calorie plan, hence the 1300 for me to make a calorie deficit happen. Not fair! The smaller a person is, the smaller the margin for error between TDEE and a safe deficit.

Don't forget to include your supplements which have calorie values, they add up!

All you need is several days a week slightly under TDEE and not going over TDEE the other days. It's really good to eat at TDEE 1-2 days per week. Those days are what you eat after you reach your goal in order to maintain and not gain all of your weight back (it comes back quickly so watch out!) I know, everyone feels like it is a unique problem that you gain it back quickly, but when you think about it, it's completely logical that we would gain weight when we eat more than our TDEE. Yes, it happens fast! It's extremely easy to eat over TDEE. Just look around at other people and their size, you are certainly not alone in modern society.

It's easy to make a meal plan. Use the 1st Phorm App to plan your meals, then write out the day on one piece of paper to paste the meals into a document as I did in the picture. This way I can use the plans any day I want. I can keep them in a binder and go for weeks following any plan and not have to log the food in the app when that doesn't work out. I can always go back to logging, and I can always go back to following the meal plans.

If anyone in the App with me wants help changing it to a different style, say keto or another diet style, just send me a chat message in the App.

Thursday: Intro to Foundational Supplements (Part 1/2)

What's up Team Nibbles Fitness!


The FALL CHALLENGE starts next Monday! 10/10

- To enter all you have to do is upload photos in the app! Do so ASAP!

- You have until 11:59pm Monday to get your pics in! DON’T WAIT.

Assessments 📝


Live Streams 📺

- Every morning Monday through Friday at 9am Central Time

- It's Time to Go

I wanted to answer a common question I get at the very beginning of a challenge!

“Roberta, what supplements should I be taking?"

🚨 While I love the question it is important to remember that our results are going to come from our ability to be consistent with our nutrition first! Nutrition is the main thing that allows us to see the results you want to see in terms of building muscle burning fat and living a healthier overall life!

So with that being said that is why I feel confident and recommend these three supplements to everyone because they directly benefit your ability to be consistent with and see results from a well-balanced nutrition plan!

⭐️ Level-1

-Sustained assimilation protein shake designed to mimic the digestion of whole food protein.

- Makes it easier to hit your daily protein goal, which will help you see better real and long term results.

- Mixes up great and has zero chalky aftertaste because it was Low Temperature Processed, meaning the protein was not touched with high heats during the manufacturing process.

- Tastes 🔥 - Season for Pumpkin Spice Latte 🎃 OR Vanilla Ice Cream is my go to!

⭐️ Micro Factor

- A complete daily essential micronutrient pack that provides our body with what it needs on a foundational level to feel and see the best results possible.

- There are 6 different components in each pack that help support everything from our immune system, metabolism, energy and heart health.

I personally don’t eat a WIDE VARIETY of nutrients (Fruits/Veggies/Lean sources of meat) So I don’t get all the micronutrients I need to meet on a daily basis.

This one single packet provides a DIVERSE of nutrients to support our needs that we lack, that is why it is more than just a multi-vitamin!

⭐️ Opti-Greens 50

- A greens superfood powder that provides over 50 different hand selected ingredients we normally don't include in our diet!

- This helps to improve our gut health, digestion, ability to effectively process carbs and our overall energy!

NO, it does not replace them, I still want you eating veggies :)

It also contains the following….

digestive enzymes to help break down foods

Probiotics for overall efficiency of gut health

Glycemic balance blend to help maintain blood sugar levels after meals

You can take these after dinner (2 scoops) - it helps reduce bloating and cravings!!!

Or whenever you guys have your heavier meals!

These 3 products are key to people being able to stay consistent with their nutrition plan and helping our bodies run optimally that we lack through the whole foods we eat.

I could go on and on about the benefits of all three of these but I wanted to cover at least what they were on a surface level with you guys! The ingredient list is on the web links I provided, which are also my affiliate links (A HUGE THANK YOU to my friends who support me this way.)

Those are the 3 of 5 I wanted to touch on first..

Post Workout and Full-Mega are the final 2.

If you use all of these every single day you can get that extra edge you might need along with all the extra health benefits. They have helped me and I only see amazing results when consistent with my plan. This way I can continue to see amazing results and feel and look my best! If you have any specific questions about any of these three products


If you are taking other products and want to know how to get the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE taking those!

Please do not ever hesitate to reach out and let me know! 👊🏼

Keep working.


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