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How does ALL or NOTHING hurt you?

You know, the GO BIG or GO HOME mindset?

You start things in a big way and you never finish them.

You end up exhausting yourself, researching the lastest shiny things, shopping for the latest shiny things, so that you can do it all perfect.

You wind up at the end of the day with a bunch of new things that feel overwhelming.

You end up hungry, tired, anxious, and disappointed because at the end of the day, all you really did was THINK about what you wanted to do (and get a bunch of new shiny things that are just sitting there!)

Just start with what you have now.

It might seem like boring mundane work.

But THAT is where the magic happens.

It might not seem like it at first.

But the work itself, and accomblishing just a little, is what will ease your anxiety.

It's not black and white.

It's not a magic formula or routine.

It's not even a special gift that you think someone else has.

It's plain 'ol fashioned rolling up your sleeves and putting some elbow grease into it.

Just go!

It takes time to ditch the ALL or NOTHING or GO BIG or GO HOME mindset, so be patient with yourself.

The benefit is you will procrastinate less and you will ditch some of your anxiety.

Think I was always patient? Think I didn't have this all or nothing problem? It's a perfectionist mindset for sure. Many years ago Randy called me "Right Now Babe" because I seriously had this problem.

I still have this mindset and I still have to fight it off in my mind every day and just go do whatever it is.

For sure I have to do this with Mechatronics where I'm not gifted with a technical mind. But I'm logical and sometimes creative, so if I put in the daily mundane work I realize in the end I can do something excellent.

It was the same with my Nutrition and Fitness certificate I finished over a year ago. Oh, I wanted to quit because I wasn't perfect. I often got quite frustrated. But I went every day with some elbow grease, and I ended up with straight A's and honor roll, and a wealth of knowledge to help people with.

I feel the same now with my workouts and limitations on food that I'm able to eat. I don't have do it the same as younger people with a perfect routine. I just have to GO! And work with what I have. Every day. The mundane work that we can somehow make fun.

It doesn't mean strive for mediocrity. It means strive for doing the best work today that you can, and it will build to something better over time.

Now go!

Tell me what you did after you do it!

PS Who's taking their pictures in the App this week? It doesn't have to be WIW Weigh-In-Wednesday. It just has to be this week. Ditch the all or nothing!!


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