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How does Accountability happen?

Mid life and young females at a christmas party

Accountability doesn't just happen, it is cultivated by your actions. My friend and I in the picture enjoyed a Christmas Party. We met at our local gym and we hold each other accountable by our transparency with each other on both exercise and nutrion. We also have each shared with each other person events in life that have shaped who we are as people. Some of those where very tragic and difficult things to overcome. She joined the 1st Phorm App with me and it's helping her with her nutrition.

She already eats an extremely healthy diet, but not knowing about portions and the true value of calories, it's easy to slip back. She lost a lot of weight like I have, and is learning to maintain that. Maintaining is almost harder than losing a lot of body fat, but it's mainly due to mindset and the willingness to learn and be accountable.

messages of fitness accountability

I have another friend in the App with me.

She impliments her own accountability. Even though it's still kind of the same simple things that seem so silly, she does it every day, sometimes multiple times during the day.

I like that!

That is why she succeeds every time she decides to come back. Yes, life gets away from her and she disappears for a bit, but those cycles are getting smaller and smaller. She is learning. She is growing.

Someday she won't need me, except as a friend, but I'll always be here for her regardless.

We became good friends years ago because of doing this on a regular basis, even if it was for different seasons over the years.

This is precious to me.


So, what about accountability then? How do we create it?

The thought of being accountable on an App might seem like it should only be for the weak and struggling person. You might think it's a basis for blame, or opening yourself up to unwanted criticism, and adding anxiety to your life.

Accountability is essential to success.

Accountability is an attitude and discipline that empowers you to overcome temptation and grow.

My friend who sends me these simple messages of accountability, she informs her mind of her decisions and actions.

We must all reflect on ourselves, reslove to change, plan and do the work.

We must communicate our choices and behavior to others. We much confide in them our responses to circumstances in our life.

We must allow feedback and keep reflecting so we can understand ourselves.

A mindset of accountability shows you that you own your decisions and actions.

You can and must own your own sucess.

Your progress is up to you.

RESOLVE to change. Why do you do this. You must want to achieve and maintain your own success. If you don't want to change, you won't find success.

Take the simple steps to change. Identify and avoide triggers that distract you. Take ownership for what you want in your life.

Are you willing to do things that will seem weird or different to many in your life, and in society?

Where is your life going?

What tools and resources do you need?

How will you measure your accomplishments?

What will you do and not do, what will you start and what will you stop?

Accountability works when you have a definite process to achieve your goal.

That's what the 1st Phorm App is all about. Your process is right there in your dashboard.

My friend in the picture of messages is doing just that. She just logs in and does it, and tells me about it. I will always be there to cheer her on. It matters not to either of us that it's just a repeat of simple things. It doesn't matter, IT'S THE PROCESS to success.

It creates ownership and accountability.

Do the work. If you want to succeed you have to do it. There is only door number one and door number two. You either do it or you don't.

Be honest and reveal who you are. People are already watching you. They might not know you, but they see you. I like to sometimes remind myself that my entire life is like a recording, it's recorded in my own mind for sure, but it's also recording in the mind of others, even if for short glimpses or seasons.

Be transparent to those who should know about your plan and your progress. It helps you stay motivated and focused. Talk about the past and present habits that helped you acheive or hindered your progress. Get your coach and your family on board with you and be honest with them about what you need.

In summary, accountability requires action on your own part. It requires you to take ownership, be honest and transparent, and to confide in your coach on a regular and consistent basis. It requires the weekly check in assessments. It requires at least a few days of simple messages. It requires reflection on why you want to change your life, and is this something you really want?

Do you want it enough to learn how to be accountable to someone else? Even if it's hard to put your ego aside and do it, or simply just make the time to do a little simple communication?

The ball is in your court.

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