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How bad do you want it?

front body progress

Bad enough to write down your goals?

Bad enough to do daily and weekly tasks?

Bad enough to do your weekly coaching assessments, and willing to learn to get better at taking your progress pictures?

Writing down your goals is a great start. At this stage of the game, for me it's more about my daily, weekly, and monthly task goals, like my daily and weekly "power list" that must get done in order for me to make progress.

Sure, I have some days that I don't do as well, but the data helps me see where I'm at and helps me know I must make adjustments to stay on track.

What are the benefits to writing down goals?

It keeps your vision clear and focused. It gives you direction. It helps you push away distractions that sabotage your goal. It helps you priortize.

Writing down your goals helps keep you motivated. When you see that you are getting it done, it feels good. It makes you want to keep going. It makes you want to do better. See, motivation comes from your own steps.

daily and body weekly metrics

Writing goals is essential for setting deadlines. For a challege like this, I decide that for eight weeks I will do certain daily and weekly tasks. By checking them off every day and every week, I'm meeting my deadlines.

You can also add a monthly calendar to visual anything you have trouble sticking to each day. You can place a fun sticker or draw a symbol on each day you accomplish the task. It helps you see a winning streak for the month as you move along. I do that sometimes for sticking to a deficit or TDEE and not going over TDEE.

It allows you a chance to celebrate your progress. You have to track your progress to see what there is to celebrate.

back body progress
sid body progress

I didn't feel like I was making progress. Everyone who checks in with me weekly say they don't feel like they are making progress either. But you are making progress when you do your daily tasks. You have to keep going with those tasks even if you don't feel like anything is happening.

Writing down your goals helps you visualize what you want to achieve. It helps you to emotionally commit to achieving what is important to you.

Nibbles Fitness Forum Community

What do you have to do?

It's just simple little steps every day. Nothing super drastic. Decide to do a few things and check them off every day. Don't give up when you are not perfect. Ask for help, find out what others do. Chances are there are others facing the same problem or maybe they overcame it in the past, maybe they are overcoming it now. Maybe they can give you some things to try.

None of us do this perfectly. What you see as an outsider looking in isn't the whole story. Find out what others whole story is, you won't feel so all alone.

Those who do the daily and weekly tasks and make the extra effort to post about it in the forum not only help themselves, but they help others. They get a chance to be honest and real and express themselves and it ends up helping them to keep going, and to know that they get support from others all over the country. It's our little Nibbles Fitness community.

Tell me, did you write down your goals?


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