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How and Why so much protein?

Since I've had many weeks to review many of your meal plans, I've seen a pattern.

Those who get their protein in early in the day have better overall meal plan compliance and less hunger.

Those who include the collagen or level-1 protein in their coffee or morning beverage, and include the Phormula-1 and Ignition post workout not only have better compliance and less hunger, but they have better workouts, better recovery, better sleep, and achieve more of their strength goals compared to others.

Results over time don't lie.

I've seen people lose a lot of body fat on deep deficits alone, and they all rebound, so the results are fleeting.

If you want sustaining results, invest in time, patience, not all-or-nothing workouts, and not drastic diets and detox concoctions. It's not that the drastic diets and drinks have anything bad, but sometimes too much just isn't sustainable.

Sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion.

Crashing is what happens when the changes are not in balance with everything else in your life.

Just eating less at a deep deficit without a plan for sustainability will end in a crash.

That's what a crash diet it. It crashes even harder with all-or-nothing workouts when people burn out with their ALL IN workouts, all the time, with no rest. It's the burn out train waiting to crash hard.


How to WIN

In this short amount of time these ladies are winning. Here's the basics of how they are doing this:

1) Nutrition

2) Exercise

3) Supplementation

The foundation is nutrition and supplementation for fat loss. This means eating under TDEE as many days as possible, consistently, while not going over TDEE on the rest of the days. If you do this for a few 90 day cycles you will win. Each one of these ladies is so committed they will do the next challenge, and possibly the next one later this year.

They will win everything thing they want this year, if they keep going. It's up to them to keep or throw away.

It's the same for you right now. It doesn't require super human capabilities. Just do the little steps every day.


Why is protein so important?

Your body is made of protein; your hair, skin, organs, nails, tendons, ligaments, eyes, etc. Everything in your body sheds cells and rebuilds them every single day, all day long, even when you sleep.

When you eat a high quality protein with the full amino acid profile, it's able to break down that protein into amino acids. The amino acids are the building blocks (like different shaped lego blocks), in which various combinations of the amino acids are used to create all the various shapes of protein. There is a really cool 3D animation video (it's only 3 minutes, you have time), which explains how the body takes those amino acids in various combinations and rebuilds the various proteins in your body. These are the kind of cool videos we often watched in college nutrition. I think it's amazing and beautiful.

You body constantly needs protein for those various processes as well as making hormones and enzymes which make your metabolism run properly.

If you don't get enough protein, you won't feel or function at your best, and it will be harder to achieve any fitness goal you have, whether it be fat loss or building muscle, or both, or maintaining either goal, as well as health goals.

I don't know about you, but this makes me want to take eat my chicken and egg whites and take my delicious collagen and various protein supplements, because it's FUN and it keeps me healthy at the same time.

Those who are winning realize that that the whole food proteins and supplements are part of the winning lifestyle.

It is for me too! Here's the breakdown of my day so far, I have one more meal to go:

And the big smile is because this knowledge is helping me win at age 60. I've lost the weight by age 50 and kept it off all these years. I've kept myself healthy, and I've been helping others all along.

I'm a college student, I'm keeping my brain and spirit alive, and I'm managing to keep my physical fitness best I can with the same problems of aging and degeneration we all face at 60 and beyond.


PLAN your meals!

Here's my first two meals for today which helped me keep my protein high enough to overcome the anabolic resistance we start getting over the age of 40:

This one's a protein pancake with 6 egg whites, 1/2 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream level-1 (tastes amazingly like custard), 1 tablespoon of almond meal, 1/3 cup of butternut squash, a dash of sea salt, and a bit of stevia.

The recipe for the soup up at the top of this post is super simple:

It's three ounces of chicken breast, one cup of butternut squash, 1/2 cup of coconut milk, one cup of chicken broth, a dash of sea salt, and some generous dashes of curry powder.

I've writen a lot lately about planning your meals, measuring your portions, and facing the facts even though it's not fun.

If you need help getting started again, or to keep going with accountability, join me in the My TransPhormation App where I can help teach you how to make your own sustainable meal plans. Are you ready to do the work?

Let's go! Let's keep going!


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