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How and Why so much protein?

Since I've had many weeks to review many of your meal plans, I've seen a pattern.

Those who get their protein in early in the day have better overall meal plan compliance and less hunger.

Those who include the collagen or level-1 protein in their coffee or morning beverage, and include the Phormula-1 and Ignition post workout not only have better compliance and less hunger, but they have better workouts, better recovery, better sleep, and achieve more of their strength goals compared to others.

Results over time don't lie.

I've seen people lose a lot of body fat on deep deficits alone, and they all rebound, so the results are fleeting.

If you want sustaining results, invest in time, patience, not all-or-nothing workouts, and not drastic diets and detox concoctions. It's not that the drastic diets and drinks have anything bad, but sometimes too much just isn't sustainable.

Sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion.

Crashing is what happens when the changes are not in balance with everything else in your life.

Just eating less at a deep deficit without a plan for sustainability will end in a crash.

That's what a crash diet it. It crashes even harder with all-or-nothing workouts when people burn out with their ALL IN workouts, all the time, with no rest. It's the burn out train waiting to crash hard.

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