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Homemade food is great, but count them out!

60 year old female gym selfie

I'm 60 and I don't get to go to kickboxing anymore, because of degenerative bone issues, but I'm blessed with high bone density and strong muscles (both were built over years), but I miss one of my kickboxing coaches Jaime who used to always say "Count Them Out!!"

She made us count the reps out loud. This is hard because our heart rate was so high, doing the push ups and jumping jack and toe touch crunches. Those were the days! Oh how I miss that.

At the same time, I'm thankful for what I can do, both lifting and cardio that is not high impact.

I still count out my reps, and I do 5 sets of any limited exercise I have access to, with the exception of things I can do more of like 20-30 pushups per set, etc.

My favorite saying to people who still get to do the things I can't is "It's a blessing, you GET to do that!" and it makes me glad I did things when I could.

Sun setting in Gold Run California

Randy and I were just chatting last night when he got home from his run. I asked him where he went and he answered "the same route." I said "Oh, I miss that so much!!" and cried a little. He said he thinks about how he would feel if he suddenly got that rug pulled out from under him, and he touched the tears rolling down my face.

We have lived here nearly the whole time we've been married, and have so many memories running in all directions around here. I've got some great memories training for marathons and ultra marathons and the 50 miler I once did.

Those memories are blessings, and the work and discipline all those years still serves me well today.

It's just a new season.

And no matter what the season is, or what the food is we are eating, we must also "Count Them Out!!!"

homemade pinto beans

Today I made homemade rice and beans. I soaked the beans and cooked them in a pressure cooker this morning. I steamed the rice in a rice steamer I've had for so many years.

steamed rice

Did you know rice and beans compliment each other regarding Vegan protein? Each has one or two amino acids that the other doesn't have.

But it's still not enough protein! We all need about 1 gram per LBM or goal body weight per day.

Calories and Macros for beans rice egg whites

If I add egg whites I can get enough protein. I know egg whites are not Vegan! But it's a great vegetarian option.

protein and macros for beans rice turkey

And sometimes I add ground turkey because I LOVE ground turkey and it helps me get my protein. I only like the organic ground turkey because the others are as tough as rubber and I have to double cook them overnight in a crock pot with softening ingredients and they still aren't quite right!

The idea for me to try Vegan was to get my Cholesterol down. All the soy products give me very bad digestive issues, and the Vegan alternative to soy and tofu products were just too many calories, not enough protein, and too many strange ingredients.

If I stick with whole natural Vegan foods there's not enough protein, and too many calories. Notice how the beans are actually mostly carbs, not protein. The vegan "protein foods" really don't have enough protein and if you look at the macros they are actually carbs in most cases. THAT is why many Vegans eat too many calories and have a hard time losing body fat.

Vegan protein caloires and macros

Unless I consume a huge amount of the 1st Phorm Vegan Pro, which I absolutely LOVE, but I just don't want that huge amount of delicious protein powder every day.

So I'm making my compromise and including more beans, chickpeas, 1st Phorm Vegan Pro, and the good qualilty Vegan butter, cheese, and mayo replacements. It's important to read the labels because some have really good ingredients and others not so much.

Even the little extra measured out high fiber Vegan foods every day should help with cholesterol, and I guess the little bit of fat being switched from grass fed butter to Vegan oils might help, I have my doubts, but the blood test will tell.

And with all of it I still need to "Count Them Out!" and I think of my coach Jaime... Count Them Out!!! And it makes me smile. The food calories and macros always matter and should always be counted out.

If you don't ever have a problem managing your body fat, and you are always right where you want to be, then you don't have to count them out.

Me, I always want more, and will always be happy to scoop out more!

When I don't feel like measuring the rice or the beans, or the coconut oil or whatever, I smile with that chant, thinking of my precious friend who I have not seen in so many years. Count Them Out!

window view spin bike ipad movie

So I will also count out my blessings, and be thankful for the things I GET to do.

And when the sun sets this evening, I will know I've done everything I could this day to take care of my body and be the best person I could be in all that I do. I will treat all people I encounter with the greatest respect I can muster, because I know that they have their own battles just as I do.

It may not seem fair. But everyone else has their own things that "are not fair." No one ever promised us that life was fair.

It's not fair that I always have to count them out! But there it is, the solution that was always there and will always be there no matter what happens in the world.

Count them out!

Let's just keep fighting the good fight, and not let ourselves and those around us fall into dispair. Counting them out is actually a blessing.


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