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Hey, someone already said that!

The burnt pan fix

Even when we figure something out on our own, or come up with a new quote that is our own, almost guarenteed someone has figured it out or already said that!

I don't really care, but it's something I've noticed. I come up with things that pop into my brain, maybe I learned it somewhere, maybe not, maybe I don't remember... but often someone will say "So and so said that!"

Even now, with new technology, there are things in the human thought process and human reactions that have been here since the begining of mankind, and have probably been written about by the ancient Romans and Greeks already. There are things about human nature that are timeless.

I'm just me, and I just write what I think and nothing about me is anything new or special, the point is, I write my thoughts. I'm 60 years old and it's theraputic, and they are still my own. If people take the time to get to know me or talk to me in person, they know this about me.

I'm me. I don't make crap up, and I'm as honest as I can possibly be, even with flaws and mistakes, and maybe thinking a few things wrongly until I learn it better. I learn and move on.

All that matters is that I live my life to the fullest as long as I can, and cultivate the relationships with people who really want to chat about things instead of viewing me like some zoo exhibit.

What made me think of all this? Well, just reactions from people over the last 10 years and then just brushing aside what matters and what doesn't matter. That's all.

I am really happy to see Randy's appetite coming back after covid. Mine came back right away, of course, but my problem is I always love food and I always want more and my battle will always be "I can have more next time!" I came up that because of my own battles, but I am quite certain if I did research, many others have said it. Who cares? I don't need to research that. It's mine now. I don't care if someone thinks I copied or whatever they think, that doesn't matter. I know what is mine and they can't take it away.

What brought this up? lol The other night Randy was heating up some mac and cheese in a pyrex dish. I was so happy, I could smell it and was so happy he was eating, even if I already had all my calories for the day. Who cares? He needs to eat too.

He was helping me with something. Oh yeah, it was the day I moved things around to solve a problem, and I wrote a post about that already. Anyway, while he was helping me his mac and cheese got a little burnt and really stuck to the pan. He said it was still good, and tried to clean the pan but it wouldn't come off. I recommended soaking it overnight, then I tried to clean it in the morning and it wasn't any better.