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Help! I'm eating less and not losing any weight!

I get this plea for help and question so often I ended up chating about it in my video.

If you want some tips on what it takes to lose body fat, feel free to watch and listen to my video HERE.

I talked about how I did this week and how I felt about taking my progress pictures. I also talked about so many other things I've learned over the last 30 years about fat loss and maintaining.

Your metabolism ebbs and flows, and your body needs enough protein, while capping your calories and letting carbs and fats fall into place. Those can change daily, but if you keep protein consistent and cap the calories at TDEE or a reasonable deficit for the day (those are explained in the video.)

One of the things I do to get enough protein is to plan in protein treats with recipes and shakes, which are so fun and delicious.

I also make sure I get enough micro nutrients whether I eat at TDEE or a deficit, every day! It doesn't help your metabolism unless you are consistent with the micro nutrients every day.

People don't realize that when you have those little nutrients, it gives you energy because your metabolism has all the ingredients it needs for various processes in your body to work. It's kind of like chemistry experiments you might have done in school, if some ingredients are missing, the outcome isn't quite what you wanted. Your body is the same way. Your body is an amazing biological being with many organic chemistry processess going on, which ebb and flow daily depending on what you put in! It's the truth.

So, if you want to know more about my true experience with my own body over the years, along with helping thousands of women in mid life over the last 8 years, listen to the video.

More to come!

Let's keep fighting the good fight.


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