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Help! I'm eating junk and watching Netflix

I get this plea for help from many.

Get your butt off that couch! I know it's depressing but you are not the only one.

Right now is when it counts most.

I know it feels lonely, but truly we are all in this boat together. None of us gets a free pass from these tragic times.

It's only beginning now. We are all about to be tested under real fire. Our true colors will shine.

Don’t waste your time away on Netflix.

It's time to get your Bible off the shelf and dust it off.

Drink water and tea and start cleansing your body and soul.

There is so much you can do to prepare yourself for helping out the community when they need you. Yes you!

You have skills too, you can hone them, will you be ready to help when the time comes?

You can. You do have something to give, make yourself ready for it.

We all have purpose every day, it keeps our body and minds sharp.

Whatever food you have, prepare and make your portions.

Of course it's not easy.

Of course many things are not fun.

Who cares if it's not a perfect meal plan? You know what your calorie portions need to be. Do it. No excuses!

We must be ready, not wasting away in a negative pity party of despair. God didn't make you to waste away on the couch.

We must be ready.

It’s why Randy and can go out to work when our team gets called out. By staying in a state of readiness. Not perfection. Just ready. Not wasting away.

It's not just prayers and waiting 🙏 It's also action. You have stewardship too. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. You are a warrior.

We must all stay prepared.


You too!!

Are you ready?

What will your true colors be when you are needed?


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