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Happy Thanksgiving, and what is the WIX invite...

The WIX invite is the new mobile app to access the Nibbles Fitness website, inside is a new forum for members only.

I'm only accepting memberships for those who I recognize your name or email from conversing over the years.

If I can't tell who you are, I'll email you and you only need to tell me just enough to know you are a real person. I would like to keep my forum a safe place.

I know some people will lurk and not participate in discussions, and simply get benefit from reading others stories, recipes, journals, workouts, experiences, etc. I just need to know enough to know it's safe to let you in. If I don't hear back in a week, I'll not accept the request.

I personally review each request. I personally set up each blog.

I don't charge for membership, all I ask is to know you are real so that it will keep the forum safe.

And, I love that people are feeling safe and are starting to journal. It's fun and rewarding to have a community of good people.


What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

I'm working for the Sheriff's department on Friday, so Randy and I will celebrate with a simple dinner on Saturday night, which is my daughter Sara's birthday, she will be 37.

I had a long talk with Sara last night and it warmed my heart so much. I was sitting in front of the grocery store when she called, so I sat there and listened to her talk while she chopped vegetables for the soup she was making for her and her husband Cody.

I'm so proud of her and Cody and their work ethic. They have been working at their jobs (and are thankful that they have jobs!) while they renovate their 100 year old home. They purchased the home a couple years ago.

So, on Sara's birthday, Randy and I will celebrate her remotely, with a nice roast, steamed green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a nice bottle of red wine.

For dessert I ordered an organic gluten free pumpkin pie. I will eat as much as I feel like and freeze the rest. Randy wants berry cobbler and I know where to get that, he will keep some frozen for future enjoyment as well.

I'm keeping it simple.

I'm thankful I have health and can use my legs to walk, and that I am healthy enough to go to school and work.

I'm thankful that my daughter and her husband are well, happy, and enjoying work and purpose in life.

Are you a mom, or parent, who feels a special peace when you know that even your grown kids are fine?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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