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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm #manifesting #happiness because that's the reliable source. You grow what you feed.

People will often judge and make assumptions that are not true, based on the prism they created inside themselves. Let that go.

Attract others who took the time to know the true you, without their crud attached.

And rejoice and be thankful for them. They are the salt of the earth, the reason for love, and the enjoyment of the simple things.

A side benefit of getting off Facebook and Instagram and Twitter is my life is so much more peaceful and I'm able to focus more on my purpose.

I knew only a few would follow me over to Parler, YouTube, Strava, and this Nibbles Fitness site. Those are the people who count the most to me.

So be it.

These are the times when you learn who matters the most in your life. Focus on them.

My favorite thing so far today, of the things online is this comment from Lisa.

Like Lisa said, will there be too much food?


And this is what life is all about on Thanksgiving.

I also love the interactions from my friends in the My TransPhormation app, about love, spouses, family, homemade pies, and appreciating the beautiful and simple things in life.

The things that matter.

Have a glorious and blessed Thanksgiving. I'll post more about mine inside the forum in the days ahead.

Peace, love, light, and blessings this Thanksgiving day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

#nibblesfitness #mountainbabe #lawofattraction #mountainlife

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