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Happy Sunday Blessings!

Never forget what a blessing it is to move, run, walk, bike, whatever. It was freezing and the snow is coming, but I took the time to enjoy the view and the fact that the fall colors and how beautiful it is here.

My legs still work (for now) despair and that's a blessing!

I have a job to go to this week and that's a blessing!

I know life gets hard, and this is the hardest year ever for almost everyone.

Great losses have been felt, and severe depression, and a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about our future and our freedom.

No matter what, we must not give in to dispair.

We must count our blessings and live our purpose.

I have a lot of homework for college, and a little stress about that, but it's a blessing to! My mind is still working and I get to do things to keep it strong too.

What are you counting for your blessing today?

Happy Sunday!


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