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Happy New Year Challenge

I'm the opposite of a procrastinator, so here's my Day 1 picture today. January 1st is day 1 for me.

We have until the 11th to enter.

Who will join me?

I'm still giving away Amazon gift cards to those who are active in the members only forum on Nibbles Fitness. They help people by sharing their stories in their blogs and responding to others blogs.

I'm still giving away Nibbles Fitness meal prep hardbound journals for those who are consistent with logging food for 4 weeks in the My TransPhormation App.

And those who take pictures in the My TransPhormation app are eligible for very generous random prizes as well as the $50k prizes 1st Phorm will give out several times this year.

I'm super excited for all of you who have joined already.

Anyone who wants to join, simply take your pictures now. Send me a message and let me know.

If you don't have the App yet, it's in your Apple Store or Play Store, it's called My TransPhormation. When you install it you can add me as your advisor with my Advisor ID: []

And then send me a message and let's get started.

I'm super excited!

Happy New Year!


Nibbles Fitness

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