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Happy Easter and last day...

It's Easter Sunday which is my favorite day of the year for many reasons, mainly it's a day of hope and new life.

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This bike ride was a sign of new life for me in many ways, and those who have read my stories over the years know what that means. I appreciate YOU, because I know you care about me in a world where so few do. You've told me, and I hold that in my heart against all else in this crazy world.

It also happens to be the last day to register for the new eight week spring challenge. If you really want in, say tomorrow or the next few days, just let me know and I'll fight for you to get in.

I'll always fight for the few who show true grit, and some will read this and join even if they failed in the past. I'm even more proud of those who keep going even though they previously failed.

Because I have previously failed too and I know the feeling by heart. The truth is, those who fail and keep going are the one's who succeed. For it's the failure that teaches us the lessons we needed for our future.

try fail success loop

Anyone who succeeds for real, learned the hard lessons failure taught us. They learned that the shiny new fad diets, wraps, and detox concoctions, (which might all have something good in them), it isn't what worked. They were just exciting to start.

The simple straight boring path of a slight calorie deficit under TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and protein at 1 gram per goal body weight is what always worked.

The diet doesn't matter, other than it being what you like that keeps you consistent. The shiny new diet can work, but it sort of hides the boring truth. It works only if it already fits the boring truth (TDEE, protein, and a calorie cap for fat loss, consistently over time.)

That is why dieting can seem so mysterious, sometimes working, sometimes not. The truth always sets us free. I know the truth and it does not scare me.

The more the diet restricts you from adding in treats you enjoy, the less consistent you are likely to be long term, which is essentially a fail.

Fasting can be a fail too, because it's not a nutrition plan. It's simply not eating. Not eating is not a plan that works all by itself. Knowlege of what it can do for you once you have succeeded is a tremendously powerful tool. But you might not be there yet.

Roberta Advisor 1st Phorm App 60 year old full body picture

I'm walking the talk. I'm talking the truth. Ultimately that will make me unpopular to many, and attractive to just a few who understand the true grit of the boring true path of repetitions and a vision. Those who understand that it's not luck, but discipline and learning from failures.

It is also the women who can get over comparing themselves to others, including myself, and just walk this journey with me. I'm just another human, with feelings, sadness, and learning to get over it too. I don't think I'm anything special or beautiful, I'm just doing my best to live out my purpose like you are. My sense of urgency is great, and sometimes that's what is lacking when we can't get to the next level.

But the urgency can't be desperate, like jumping into the next shiny new diet scheme or program. If you want the simple boring truth, and someone who will always call you back to that, you'll get that from me.

Randy and I were chatting last night about many things in life. He reminded me that the reason people react to me in certain ways is because of the equation:

You can be popular or successful, or neither, but not both. It's mutually exclusive. One or the other or zero.

Therefore, we should appreciate the very few and limited friends that we have, for they are the only ones who will succeed with us, and also support us in a real way (and not with platitudes.)

It's the last day to register for the challenge, and I will be one of the few who supports those who have the grit to do it.

There is a list of tutorials for how to use the App on YouTube. It will constantly be updated. Click on the picture and it will take you to the playlist, or you can always ask me in a message and I'll send you the link to the playlist.

1st Phorm is always improving their App, so if you have feedback for them make sure to message them in the support section. They care and they will listen.

Let's go!

On this glorious day, full of hope and new life.

Happy Easter!


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