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Hanging on a thread

Mid life female working on computer server

Literally, the truck tire was hanging on a thread last night. We are lucky to be alive right now.

I'm sipping my coffee and happy to be alive, a full day of homework and fitting in a workout and trying not to eat too much healthy food! The story of my life.

Last week Randy thought he heard a funny sound on the truck, so he did some research and it sounded like a bad wheel bearing, which is super dangerous. So he called the mechanic who said we should not drive it. We called a tow truck to have it taken in.

We just got it back, all fixed up, and drove it all the way to Sacramento yesterday, an hour commute. On the way home Randy heard the smallest sound, and when he pointed it out, I heard it too, barely. When we slowed down in the Sheriff's parking lot I got out and listened as Randy drove by. It was like a little plastic crinkle sound, not much but strange.

We worked out, and then on the way home he felt it shimmy and the noise was more consistent. So as soon as we got home he got his tools out and took the hub cap off. The hub cap had some decorative nut and bolt caps which was the plastic crinkle sound. Most of the studs were missing, the 4 that were there were extremely lose and about to come off. Randy said we are lucky to be alive, a wheel coming off on the freeway with all that traffic would been a horrible accident.

I slept really good (finally) and I was so tired and needed it, but every time I woke up I pictured in my mind that wheel with all the missing and lose nuts. It just makes me think about how precious life is and that sometimes we are hanging on a thread (or stud or nut) and don't even know it. We need to embrace life for all it's worth. Every day!

So embrace this day for all it's worth. Even if we only get whatever portions to eat that are appropriate for our goals today, it's a blessing. If you are capable of doing any workout or even getting up and walking, it's a blessing. Even if we don't feel like doing it, it's a freakin blessing! The very acts you do today, the tedious little processes that maintain your health, that could be the thread you need to hold things together someday. Do it anyway.

If you are sitting there with a hot cup of coffee like I am, it's a blessing too.

If you have a huge stack of homework and goals to achieve to improve your mind and your skills as a useful person in society, that's a huge blessing too.

So let's embrace this day for all it's worth and put our focus on what needs to be done.

Sure, our mechanic needs an ear full and he'll get that on Monday. No need to keep stewing on it and wasting time, other than to ponder it just a little and let it remind us how precious this day is... right here... right now.

And if you need to a story to see if you really can achieve your fat loss goal and how, I gave you the secret in yesterday's blog post, read it and watch the short video. That's the secret right there, and I've been sharing it for 10 years ;)


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