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Ground Hog Day and Weekend Game Plan

ground hog day movie
It's like the movie Ground Hog Day! 🤣

It's Friday, so time to begin the weekend game plan! Me right now? Not much has changed except that it really is starting to feel like Ground Hog Day!

Here's the basic plan that works for most of us, most of the time:



- Input everything you plan on eating that day into the app the night before, that way you can ensure you do not blow your macros out of the water.

- Check Menus! Most restaurants post their menus online. Make the decision of what you plan on eating BEFORE you get to the restaurant and then track it into the app.


- Set yourself up for success by planning to hit the bulk of your protein earlier in the day, leaving room for carbs and fats later in the evening

- This will help you go out and be able to enjoy yourself and not have a bigger meal put you completely over calories!


- Make some time FOR YOU earlier in the day where you can wake up and get your workout, cardio, step in early!


What's new for me after surgery?

The main difference for me is getting up every 1-1.5 awake hours to walk around and a few of those times doing my PT exercises. This replaces exercise.

My hip and upper leg is still so swollen that there are some exercises I can't do yet, like leg raises and hip abduction, but here's the exercises I can do:

Ankle Pumps total hip replacement pt
Ankle Pumps

Quad sets total hip replacement pt
Quad Sets

gluteal sets total hip replacement pt
Gluteal Sets

heel slides total hip replacement pt
Heel Slides

short arch quads total hip replacement pt
Short Arch Quads

bridges total hip replacement pt

And, I am doing them. They are as important as any exercise every was!

Me, I'm planning my protein throughout the day. Protein is always important, but right now with so much tissue rebuilding from surgery it's even more important.

turkey vegetable rice soup
My breakfast this morning!

I don't have to worry about menus and going out, not that we couldn't go out, I'm happy with the food I've prepared and saved in the freezer as well as what I have on hand from my last shopping trip before surgery.

essential amino acids eaa's and electrolytes
EAA's and electrolytes

For added amino acid insurance I'm taking the 1st Phorm Essential Amino Acid (EAA) supplement a couple times a day with my electrolyte supplent which helps ward of muscle cramps.

I'm also including bone broth, a bone broth pasta sauce, and my precious 1st Phorm collagen. My favorite flavors are the salted caramel and the fruity cerial, usually blended with cottage cheese, yogurt, or almond milk.

Nibbles Fitness every day is not perfect

Today my planning was perfect! Yesterday my macros were blown out because I was in a weird mood and ate about a cup of trail mix. I knew I needed my protein so I just continued on with yesterday as best as possilble.

See, it's not a big deal if it's just one day or one meal. I always simply remind myself that it's all the more important to plan the next day, and get right on track. What matters is the rolling daily average over time. You can't let that bad day become a streak. It will snowball in a bad way.

Instead, get a good streak going and let it snowball.

We all have crummy days Iike I did yesterday. I just didn't feel good. It's to be expected. I just had a major surgery on Monday. It's a shock to the system.

My digestion and sleep have been messed up, and the necessary pain medication messes us up too, causing nasty side effects. Setting up my schedule and including the supplements that make me feel better is so important right now! My digestion is getting back to normal and so is my sleep. The good streak of good habits is working!

The routines I have to do right now do make it feel like a not so fun Ground Hog Day. When things were going good for me and I was enjoying certain workouts, back in the day, I used to call those Good Ground Hog Days! I will have those back again.

I think what was so good about them was the freedom to have that good routine that felt so good during it's snowball streak.

Right now, my game plan is bit confining and restrictive, but it's also a necessary part of getting my life back. I'll have to do this again in June for my left hip! Randy says I'll be an expert by then. I'm learning so much right now as a newbie at this process.

I did really good today. Here's my final meal plan and the day is winding down:

Macros for the day in 1st Phorm App

I got up in time to have my coffee first with a bit of time to eat and take my first dose of medications and supplements.

meal in 1st Phorm App

I had the soup frozen in individual packets in the freezer. I took a few packets out to thaw the night I came home from the hospital (Monday).

protein meal in 1st Phorm App

I'm meeting my goal of 20 grams of fiber or more and including foods that will hopefully lower my high cholesterol in time.

bone broth in 1st Phorm App

Bone broth is so good for a little extra protein and it's healing qualities!

collagen and sprouted grain bread in 1st Phorm App

And it ended up being a perfect macro day! See, we can do it if we PLAN! It's easy once you get the hang of it and make a winning streak happen!


medicine and supplements total hip replacement

I'm having to plan my meals around my medication schedule to avoid nausea and other digestive problems. I loaded up the supplement compartments before I went to the hospital. Only a few days left now and it will be a full week since surgery! Having things planned out a little really helped.


Homemade ice packs

I made my own ice packs with 8 parts water to 2 parts rubbing alcohol. I poured it in a gallon zip lock bag, zipped it up with as little air as possible. Then I doubled it up with another zip log bag. Then I vacuum sealed it on top of that. I made four of them and now that I'm using them every day Randy said "Good job!" It's important to cover the ice packs with a towel and not place them directly on your skin.

compression socks for preventing DVT's

I'm also using compression sleeves on my calves several times a day, usually while icing the wound. My neighbors let me borrow the machine which is a tremendous blessing as more insurance against DVT's. The best insurance is getting up for those hourly walks! I usually use that time to get a few simple chores done and it makes me feel better, even if it's still a not fun ground hog day!

sweetie pea the scottish fold

SweetiePea always keeps me company and helps me smile!

I know every day will get better!

Who else is having good or bad ground hog type days right now? Feel free to comment.

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