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Got Wrinkles?

53 year old fitness competitor

I was age 53 in this picture. I wrote about how this wasn't the funnest day in my life. That's not my element, standing up there on that stage. I cried most of the day, even while up on stage. We are supposed to smile, but I had a hard time doing it.

But I don't regret that day. I'm just as happy about that day as I am looking back at the marathons I ran, and the 50 mile ultra run I completed once. Those hurt too. Those took just as much preparation and doing things many days that I didn't feel like it.

fitness competitor got wrinkles

There's a small glimpse of the wrinkles on the back of my legs. It's worse now at 60.

I'm not complaining, it is what it is. We all age and your turn is coming too. None of us gets a free pass.

It's why I wear leggings now with shorts over them. Young people won't get it, but their turn will come.

open class figure fitness competition

Here's a picture of me up there with some of the younger ladies in the open class.

master class figure fitness competition

And then with the ladies about 15 years younger than I at that time in one of the master classes.