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Got Wrinkles?

53 year old fitness competitor

I was age 53 in this picture. I wrote about how this wasn't the funnest day in my life. That's not my element, standing up there on that stage. I cried most of the day, even while up on stage. We are supposed to smile, but I had a hard time doing it.

But I don't regret that day. I'm just as happy about that day as I am looking back at the marathons I ran, and the 50 mile ultra run I completed once. Those hurt too. Those took just as much preparation and doing things many days that I didn't feel like it.

fitness competitor got wrinkles

There's a small glimpse of the wrinkles on the back of my legs. It's worse now at 60.

I'm not complaining, it is what it is. We all age and your turn is coming too. None of us gets a free pass.

It's why I wear leggings now with shorts over them. Young people won't get it, but their turn will come.

open class figure fitness competition

Here's a picture of me up there with some of the younger ladies in the open class.

master class figure fitness competition

And then with the ladies about 15 years younger than I at that time in one of the master classes.


60 year old fitness gym and blue jeans

These pictures were taken yesterday before going to a celebration of life for a beautiful young lady who was part of our life named Heather. We lost her to cancer and yesterday would have been her birthday.

I connected with so many people yesterday. It was a big crowd. I practiced all the things I've coached many about over the years, about being around all the food in an emotional and social setting.

All I ate while there was cookies and water, and I had a healthy breakfast and a little of the same for dinner. It's just what I feel like doing and it's okay. But it's time to get back to reality this morning.

I'm going to take my pictures today in the 1st Phorm App. It's the start of the eight week spring sprint challenge.

I don't feel like it!

I never feel like it.

It's just like everything else in life. If you have a dream, and you want that dream, you are going to have to work very hard for it.

I didn't get to just stop when I was 53 and I achieved that day up on the stage looking like a bronze statue.

I had to keep going. I still have to keep going. I still don't feel like it many days.

I get sad. I get depressed. I have to fight the good fight. I have to "save the day" sometimes. Other days just flow smoothly.

I pondered Heather, and her life, and how much love and energy she gave to others all her life and the passion she had in her job and work and friendships. It mattered. She mattered.

You know she had days she didn't feel like it either. She battled cancer several times. But she kept living until it was time to go home.

And it mattered.

And what you do today matters too. What I do today matters. All the choices I make matter.

It needs to be a balance of connecting with those I love, and a balance of work to achieve and live my own purpose.

It's okay to do the things, like take my picture in the 1st Phorm every app every week whether I feel like it or not. It's a promise to myself. It's part of being my best and staying attractive to Randy, which IS IMPORTANT!

I'm not asshamed of the wrinkles. I don't ever want to be my younger self. I don't have regrets. But I want to feel good wearing those jeans at age 60 too, and that's okay. I own my dream, and I'll keep my dream. Even if it means that part of me is disliked by many women. It's MY DREAM, I work hard for it, and I get to keep it and own my dream.

My purpose is to live life to it's fullest, in spite of the wrinkles. In spite of the bones that are starting to fail.

That includes the hard study of Mechatronics and Information Technology which don't come easy to me. It includes keeping up with my Sheriff Qualifications which never came easy even when I was younger. It includes staying healthy and attractive for Randy and being the best wife I can be, acting as a team in our marriage.

It also means helping people with in Nibbles Fitness and coaching people in the 1st Phorm App.

If I've helped you, and you have a friend who really wants help and is ready, there are a couple days left to join this next challenge. You can refer them with your referral link in the App. Ask me if you have any questions about how to refer a friend with your link in the App.

Because none of us wants to look back on our life with no regrets.

Feeling like it or not, wrinkles or not, the time is NOW.

It matters.


Nibbles Fitness

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