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Got teeth?

Or a silver screw? lol

I'll have the gap filled with a silver screw tomorrow.

Kind of at the last moment, I'm running out to head to the gym but decided to make this video for my wonderful friends in the Nibbles Fitness Forum.

Love you guys!!

As Netty said in the forum this morning with the beautiful panaramic view of where she grew up, Roll With It! She was there helping her mom out after surgery.

If you are shy about the forum, guess what? We are all shy. But the way you build community is by getting over it and sharing a bit of your life with others, and also interacting with them on their posts. Forums sometimes remind me of a high school dance. Everyone is shy and stays on against the wall. Finally a couple people are brave, then a couple more, then everyone starts to realize hey, we are all human after all.

If you want something more than what social media out there has to offer, then you have to help build it. The worst forums are when people post and leave (like social media much of the time), only wanting something, never giving anything.

Relationships never work that way. The best relationships are always a give and take. A give and take that isn't counting, but just knows each carry's the other at various times. There is only one God who can carry us always 100% all the time. We mere humans, we have to give and take. God designed us to be that way and it's a beautiful thing. But it only works out when it's a give and take.

I can't build it alone. It doesn't cost anything from anyone in the forum except the time it takes to type, or put together some pictures or a collage. Those who do, I appreciate you the most, because you came off the wall and joined me out on the dance floor.

Let's keep rolling with the punches, even the silly little dental tooth implant thing which is a year long process.

Have a fantastic weekend and know that I'm here for you. You know how to reach me. I WILL be responding to your messages this weekend. In fact, doing so will make me incredibly HAPPY!!!


PS Here's my various profile pictures for those who want to connect with me there. And of course I'm always there in the 1st Phorm App.

Social Media PROFILE pictures:

Roberta Saum Strava Profile screen

I post my workouts on Strava.

Roberta Saum LinkedIn Profile Picture Screen

I post a few times a week on LinkedIn.

Roberta Gab Profile Picture Screen

I post on Gab too, although scrolling through the feed is a bit much for me to handle most of the time. If you are there, you can always comment and message me there. I got the GabTV channel so that I can post somewhere uncensored.


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