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Got Teeth?

Roberta 60 year old female in bay window

I took this picture yesterday right before my visit with my oral & maxillofacial surgeon. I was anxious because I knew I was going for a CT scan and I've never had one before, and I'm very claustrophopic.

Years ago I had a couple of MRI's and they gave me valium, but you need a driver for that. I knew I wouldn't have a driver so I decided to "Man Up" and just deal with it.

But it wasn't so bad. In fact it was a machine where you stand and put your chin on a platform (like when you get your eyes checked), only you bite down on something and the x-ray machine rotates around your head.

The 3D image of my jaw was fun to see! They could measure the amount of bone and the density of my bone to make sure they could insert the screw that will hold a new tooth.

The whole process since I had my cracked tooth removed last year, is about a year to get this implant completed. I'm a little over halfway there. I still need to schedule the surgery to get the screw put in, wait for that to heal, then schedule an appointment to have the new tooth installed. This is my year to fill that gap!


There are so many aspects to our health right? But the basics always apply.

Protein was important for me to heal, and it was the most important thing I've consumed to have that bone structure in place so that tooth implant could even be a possibility.

I've written a lot about protein in my blog posts. I think about it a lot. Not just protein, but QUALITY protein. The label doesn't tell the whole story about the quality of amino acids and the true absorbtion, as I have gone into detail on in recent posts.

Most people don't know about anabolic resistance that starts to happen over the age of 40.

It's because of anabolic resistance that people have a hard time changing their body composition to develop more LBM and less body fat.

Anabolic resistance also happens when we become obese (that was me once too!!!)

Anabolic resistance hinders our ability to absorb protein. It blunts our response to amino acids which are the building blocks to protein. This means it's harder to keep our skin, hair, teeth and bones healthy and youthful.

The only way to overcome anabolic resistance is to eat enough QUALITY protein, which means it has enough essential amino acids, BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine, specifically 2.5 grams of leucine which amounts to about 30 grams of quality protein at one meal.

A good quality protein like meat, poultry, whey protein, and eggs already have all the essential amino acids including the BCAA's.

At one meal, that means it needs to be consumed all at one sitting, in about 20-30 minutes, not sipped in a protein drink for hours.

Quality protein also means not denatured by super high heat or chemicals. Normal home cooking temperatures is not the same as super high heat in food processing plants, like with those hard pressed protein bars and cheaper brands of protein powders. The level of denaturing in those products are why people get gas and bloating and think they are lactose intolerant.

Getting at least one gram of quality protein per goal body weight, and making sure it's high quality protein, and also getting 30-50 grams per meal as much as possible is THE KEY 🗝 to longevity and youthfulness. Oh, yes, there are some other ingredients 🫐🌱🍓 but that will be for another post.

When you are small like me 30 grams per meal is enough, the bigger and taller you are, the more you will need. In general 30 grams per meal is probably perfect for most females. Most of us females are smaller in size, and usually trying to shed body fat, so enough protein without too many calories is key.

I don't know about you, but I want to do everything I can to keep my healthy body, LBM, hair, skin, bones, and teeth. That means I will lift enough weight, and get this protein in best I can. It was a hard concept to adapt, since most of our foods contain so many carbs and fats that it makes this feel unnatural at first. But now I love my protein.

It means I can smile with my big teeth, as Randy always says, because he doesn't have big teeth and he tells me it's a blessing.

So, that's my short message for the day.

I will smile bigger once that gap is filled!

Got Teeth? 😁


Nibbles Fitness

PS Last night we had such a sweet visit in our Wednesday Live Nibbles Fitness meeting. Gina, Keturah, and Angie told their precious mom stories and I am now inspired to write a blog post this weekend about some of my own mom stories, maybe "Got Kids?" We shall see...

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