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Got Protein?

Roberta age 60 gym selfie

I was going to make a title "Got Envy" and I still might someday, because of so much I see going on in the world today.

I'll just say one thing about envy and get on to the subject of protein.

I did some research and found a lot of very interesting papers on the subject, one quote from the US National Library of Medicine Natural Institutes of Health had this:

Envy was likened to a series of specific diseases, many of them recognizably grave. Envy is like ‘leprosy’, the ‘plague’, most often it is a ‘consumption’, a ‘worm’, a ‘canker’ on the flesh, an ulcer, like ‘cancer’, and also like ‘a hectic fever’. 

Everyone has envy. It's a matter of how much you let it grow, and if it's feed and allowed to grow, it can ruin your health as well as that of a society.

Therefore, I won't feed it in my life. Nor will I tolerate many people in my life who feed it or project their illness in my direction. I'll acknowledge it and then forge ahead on the things that bring me better health, including a healthy stretching of my brain. College courses are taking care of that.

On to protein, calories and exercise.

The fat cells and muscle fibers don't care about why you missed the mark on these things.

Today is the day to fix the accuracy of your mark. If you miss the mark, ask yourself what you could have done differently?

Coffee and Macros 1st Phorm App

Today I blended the 1st Phorm vanilla collagen in my coffee. Yummy! Collagen is not a meal replacement, it's just a little extra benefit for skin, hair, elastin, etc.

Level-1 and Vegan Pro are meal replacement proteins, like chicken, fish, egg whites, etc. (Egg yolks are a healthy fat.) These are the quality protein sources with a full amnio acid profile to help with anabolic resistance that happens when we are overweight or over the age of 40.

Phormula-1 is a special formulated post workout protein that is meant to be used with the carb called Ignition. The post workout shake won't fill the need of the post workout anabolic window unless it's only consumed with water and no other calories, AND is both the carb and protein, which are both quick absorbing in order to transport into the muscle before the anabolic window is over. The anabolic window post workout is a special time when the muscles are depleted of glycogen. During that time, it's like a sponge and it quickly absorbs the Phormula-1 and Ignition quicker than any whole food. Doing this every day that you workout helps keep your LBM and actually helps reduce fat storage!

That's what helps me keep my muscle mass even now at age 60.

That's my story. It works and I'll keep doing it. If anyone wants clarification on any of that, I'm always there to help in the Nibbles Forum and in the 1st Phorm App. All you have to do is ask or send a message.

Who has hit their mark? I want to hear about it.

Have a fantastic Thursday!


Nibbles Fitness

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