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Got Kids?

As promised, inspired by Keturah, Gina, and Angie last Wednesday night in our live video chat...

Here's a little about me and my story as a mom.

The picture at the top is me and my daughter Sara when she was about two years old in the early 1980's.

Roberta age 60 on Gab TV 2021

Rather than write out all the details of my momhood, I talked about it in a video. Click on the link to view the video, or find it posted today on my Gab TV channel. Message me if you have any trouble finding it.

In the video I spoke about my identical twin. This is us when we were 21 years old, before my daughter Sara was even born.

Babette and Sara backpacking

I had custody of my neice Babette when she was still alive and a young girl. Sara is combing Babette's hair on a backback trip.

Mom-Roberta Babette and Sara backpacking

Here's me with Sara and Babette up on Sand Ridge in Nevada County. Randy was with us and he took the picture.

Cody and Sara teenagers

Here's my daughter Sara when she and her boyfriend Cody were teenagers.

Sara and Cody married

Many years later Sara and Cody got married and they are still married now, more than 15 years later.

Randy Roberta-mom and Sara Rome Italy ceremony

Sara came to Rome Italy with Randy and I in 2008 when we renew our vows on Aventine Hill in Rome Italy.

Sara and Mom-Roberta Rome Italy

Here's Sara and I still in Rome. I've always loved her so much. I still do. I'm very proud of her and Cody, sticking together through the rough times, through thick and thin.

There's always stress. There's always conflict. There's always problem to solve.

If you have something important that needs to be done. The time is NOW. The time for stress and problem solving won't be going away.

So the name of the game is rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Learn to manage the stress.

I know it feels like you can't. You don't know how. You haven't done it yet. You aren't perfect. You aren't good at it.

Yes! I know these things by heart, as I said in the video when I told a little about my tragic stories.

We just get up and go anyway.

If you are in the forum, feel free to join Angie and Keturah with a "mom" post and share your story. We would love to hear from you.


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