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Got Grit?

roberta age 60 at gym

I am so freakin sore from this hike the other day. I felt so wobbly going down the hill and you use muscles going down hill because they are incredibly sore right now.

Truly delayed, that's why it's called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). It makes me happy because nothing has made me sore for years. All the working out I do right now, various types of biking, stair stepper, and upper body weights limited by my shoulder and back arthritis do not make me sore at all - I work hard, but it's the epitome of maintaining. I get to keep what I have.

graph of elevation Euchre Bar tail California

And I still have to watch what I eat or I'll easily gain excess body fat the way so many people experience. I don't get a free pass, I just choose to manage it and not live with my head in the sand about it. I'm not anything special either. Anyone can decide to do it and many do. Nothing special about me except that when the doubts and fears about getting older, and managing pain and hormone issues, I refuse to believe societies lies about it. That's all it is. Oh and the grit of doing it, because trust me it's gritty sometimes.

Who has grit? You can have it if you choose it, and you get the benifits that come with it.

At the same time, I'm gritting through study. Because see, everyone says, Oh when this is done, when that is done, I'll focus on nutrition or fitness or whatever. The fact is, it will fill in with something else. There is never a good time. The time is always now.

And like everyone else, this is only a glimpse. I don't need to tell the whole world every single detail or hardship in my life. We all have enough that others do not see.

Our grueling IT semester is done, one more week to get ourselves set up to take two CompTIA exams this summer.

I just now penciled out a 6 week study schedule for the first exam, then 5 weeks for the second exam, then my Mechatronics semester starts at the end of August. I have one week off before the next semester. It is an agressive study schedule and a huge percentage of people who take these exams fail the first time.

agressive comptia study schedule

So, here I go. This is all for my future. Just because I'm 60 with all my arthritis and sciatica and hormone issues doesn't mean I don't have a future.

What are you doing for your future? We all have to own it. I'm not anything special, I just decide to own it and there is no guarentee I will achieve anything except living to my potential as God wants me to, being the best steward I can be for everything I am given. The rest of what is happening, it's not what I'm given to control.

This is.

collage echre bar hike california

Who says we don't have a future at age 60?

Let's go! It is yet another glorious day to make good choices.


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