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Got Grind?

I so wanted to write the love story of how Randy and I met. Last week while chatting with some beautiful young ladies at the gym I told the story and both of them said it made them want to cry, it's how it's supposed to be.

So much of what I want to say in the story is that it's a lot like this quote in the picture. Oh, I have so much to say.

But today, I must continue to embrace the mundane. I have so much homework for my college IT class it makes me mad at the professor. How can anyone possibly do that much work and stay healthy with sleep, etc? It's so not fair!!!!!! lol

And then I had insomnia, and then I ate half my daily calories at 1am, and have had a lot of physical pain, and it all wears me down. No one ever said getting older would be easier. And I'm sure my 70-80 year old friends are thinking, just wait.

The truth is we are all suffering something even if we don't say it. And like everything else we shouldn't be comparing our pain to anothers, that's a super slippery slope for sure.

It doesn't matter other than a passing "Hey others are doing things even with their own suffering", and get on with what you need to do in your life.

We don't need a barrage of sensational stories of that either, like we can sometimes see on social media. It's skewed. Sometimes too much is no good either.

I have a dear friend who is constantly chasing the excitement of a new project, a new diet, and new detox, a new this or that. I love this person and how hard they work, but it's a yo-yo of inconsistency sometimes. It's an all or nothing, and their body suffers every time in that same yo-yo fashion. This person already knows what to do, but it's mundane. Just eat the same foods, which are liked and tried over all the years and all the diets, just manage the portions.

Get some workouts or walking in when you can, you need a break from the big exciting project anyway, it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

It doesn't have to be a big project to be a good steward for your body. If you've done this before, it's the same thing, mundane choices like just eat half, just cut the sugar, choose the protein and veggie instead of the bagel or donut. Fast until the next meal instead of snacking on things you don't need. You think you need the snacks because you are embracing the mundane, so yeah, we have to fight through it. I get that.

We won't be perfect at it. We give in sometimes. That doesn't mean we have to be drastic and try to fast all the next day or that we are a failure. We are all merely human and even the most disciplined person you know gives in someteimes. You don't see it because they didn't stay on that path, they just got up again. Even if the mistake was made every other day, they finally made a couple days without the mistake because they took the time to solve the problem.

Sometimes fasting after a mistake works, and sometimes it's an even bigger disaster than the previous mistake. Fasting is not a plan, it's a tool that sometimes works. You already fast when you sleep and when you don't snack in between meals. It's not a big deal. Oh, but that's mundane and not a big new intermittent fasting plan.

Just make a normal mundane plan and have a normal mundane day of work.

Embrace it. Wake up the next day and do it again, and again, and again. Rolling forward even when mistakes are made.

Unwrap it like a gift.

Now, I must get back to my mundane stack of college homework. Along with drinking my water, simple soups and egg white pancakes with delicious level-1 protien, and my greens and reds and omegas and vitamins and mushroom powder that I believe help me. It doesn't matter if others don't believe in those things, I do. I finally got a good night sleep, and I plan to make my day as productive as possibly while being the good steward of my body.

I hope to write the love story next weekend, or earlier, but I have some minor surgery on Friday and I must get my homework done before that.

So, off I go to embrace the mundane and unwrap it like a gift today.

I'm still checking messages in the 1st Phorm App like I always do, during my breaks and the time I allot for doing that. Do not hesitate to contact me there for any reason at all.

Let's do it! Happy Mundane Tuesday!


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