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Got Gratitude?

I was hurting so bad this morning from my tumble down the hill yesterday on the mountain bike trail. I told the story about it a little in the forum. But I still am so thankful for so many things. That oak trees spot in the picture, was actually a stunning view 360 as the bike trail meandered along the ridge line. My biking buddy said, " It's like the Sound of Music." Ever felt that peaceful gratitude out in nature like that?

I went for a long bike ride the day before, and I love climbing hills on my bike. My buddy started calling all the up hill sections a "Roberta path", and after I fell a few times on the rocky down hill sections he learned why I don't like those sections. It's hot and remote and I won't go out there alone. I was grateful to have someone help me up after I fell and make sure I got to the next vehicle access point where I could wait for a ride back to my own vehicle. Nothing is broken, luckily when I summersaulted down the hill it was my thigh that hit a boulder, so it's just a very sore soft tissue injury. It actually hurts to use that muscle so no sumo squats, oh that's right, no more squats for me anyway. But also, I'll make it clear from now on to my mountain bike buddies, NO single track bike trails. I really enjoy wide smooth trails where I can just rely on my muscles to get me up hill, enjoy the breeze on the downhills, and not have to worry about rocky terrain, as simple as it may seem to others.

So now I'm fatigued, and bruised from the fall, and still bruised from the fall on my spin bike that broke on me last weekend. It takes me awhile to feel like I can function right when I get up in the morning. No one ever said it would be easy, and plenty of our elders have told us getting older isn't easy. I've known so many who just motored on anyway, without complaining. Movement and nutrition are crucial to a good quality of life and functioning. I just read an article that the two biggest factors to avoid C19 are regular exercise and keeping your weight off. And of course the micro-nutrients that keep your immune system strong, and just enough macro-nutrients, especially protein. I have a feeling all those things are more effective than anything else that is the latest fad, and it's been that way all along.

I didn't feel like taking my pictures today, at all. I know I say that every week but today was incredibly bad. I don't feel like I've been on point with my nutrition. Even eating healthy foods, it's so easy to miss the mark. I think I expected to see a blue version of the stay puff marshmallow this morning, but I look like the typical Roberta in my pictures. Haha, the narrations we conger up in our minds can be so far from truth.

I'm thankful that I can help be an example every week. I don't feel like that is what I'm doing, but then I get a message in the app like the one in the picture, where my friend who I haven't heard from for so long tells me how much I helped her and her husband. I've taught her over the years, and she taught him, so he lost 60 pounds.

That's what my volunteer work in the 1st Phorm App is all about. I know at 60 I'm not so much "in" with all the 1st Phorm promotions, but they are a great company, with a great App, with a great spirit, and they make amazing products for even those of us who are older. I have a pretty long list of my daily foundations that help stay feeling my best in spite of aging.

It's day 14 of 56 in the current spring challenge, and day 108 of the year 2021. I'm keeping the promises to myself and holding myself accountable to me (and my precious husband). I know I help others accountable because some are doing this with me, and others continue to message me randomly over the years. How many years do you think I'll be out here doing this? Time will tell and I'm rolling with God's plan for me. That means a balance of being a good steward and having faith in His love for me and all His people.

I can still be proof that we can keep going and we can even learn new things. Even things that are super hard to learn, like math, or computers, or Mechatronics.

While I was out on the mountain bike ride yesterday Randy got the piece of pedal screw out of the crankarm of my spin bike. He said the crank needs to be replaced, and I could take it to a shop if I wanted. This morning I searched YouTube and found there are many videos that explain how to replace the crank. So, I decided I'd learn how to fix it. The key is to not be in a rush. I'm going to study up on it, get good tools if I need them, and do it right.

So there we go, I added another thing to my plate and I don't have any time to waste. But it's good for my mind and my spirit to learn to fix things. I'm determined to do it.

I'm grateful for those of you who support me, because without you I couldn't have this website. I know I'm nothing special like many of the fitness entertainers, nothing flashy going on here except of course the beautiful God paintings in the sky. That trumps all else anyway. No one can take away our precious memories of the things we got to do when we were young, and the things we get to do now, and the beautiful paintings in the sky. Or the people we help to somehow carry that on with the people in their own lives.

Happy Sunday!


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