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Got Gratitude?

I was hurting so bad this morning from my tumble down the hill yesterday on the mountain bike trail. I told the story about it a little in the forum. But I still am so thankful for so many things. That oak trees spot in the picture, was actually a stunning view 360 as the bike trail meandered along the ridge line. My biking buddy said, " It's like the Sound of Music." Ever felt that peaceful gratitude out in nature like that?

I went for a long bike ride the day before, and I love climbing hills on my bike. My buddy started calling all the up hill sections a "Roberta path", and after I fell a few times on the rocky down hill sections he learned why I don't like those sections. It's hot and remote and I won't go out there alone. I was grateful to have someone help me up after I fell and make sure I got to the next vehicle access point where I could wait for a ride back to my own vehicle. Nothing is broken, luckily when I summersaulted down the hill it was my