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Got Glory?

It is yet another glorious day to make good choices!

This picture that was taken so long ago when the kids were little reminds me of the little details that day. We were tired, we hiked about 8 miles and I had just gotten stung by a bee on my butt, whering those little shorts! OMG I remember how much it hurt. I didn't cry, but I gritted my teeth and said "I can see why a little kid screams at the top of their lungs when they get stung by a bee!"

But that weekend was a precious time for our family. I don't regret it in the slightest, not even the bee sting.

It was a Sunday that we were hiking back to go home.

Every day is a glorious day to make good choices.

Yesterday I took my pictures and then noticed it was 100 days into the year 2021. I was such a grump about the pictures, I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to put my makeup on, I didn't want to smile, I felt like why bother, who freakin cares?

But it is my integrity, and it was a promise to myself that I would take them every week all year. My first picture was on January 1st, day 1, so the pictures will always remind me how many days have elapsed this year.

It reminds me how fast time still flies. And it reminds me that it's still a glorious day to make good choices.

On every Sunday the 1st Phorm App shows me my week, and it reminds me how important protein is.

By the way, I've written a lot about protein and amino acids, protein scores, and anabolic resistance. If anyone want's to see more detailed articles on that, and an interview with the expert doctor who trained me on these topics, just let me know and I'll send you some information you can read for yourself. Simply message me here in the Nibbles-Fitness Space or text me in the 1st Phorm App.

My choices are limited these days, both with food and exercise, but I've decided to keep doing the best with what I get to do.

God gave me some good things, glorious things, and I'm grateful. He gives me all my purpose in life, and everything good is from him.

He reminds me every day with the glorious paintings in the sky around here.

Who will keep marching with me into the next 100 days? Let's keep our promises and always remember, like I said in yesterday's video, "The time is always NOW."

Happy Sunday!

I'm thankful that so far today is not a day like in the first picture where I was stung by a bee 🐝, but at the same time - I also had tremendous blessings that Sunday as well.

There is always something to deal with, and there is always a blessing to count.


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