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Got fight?

This is why I keep fighting, for those who want to meet me half way like Kim. Or I should say, more than half way because I can't do this for anyone.

Kim's the one who follows the nutrition plan and gets her protein in and caps her calories. No one else can do this for her, when she's in her darkest moments. She has to be willing to roll up her sleeves and solve the problems, and reach out if she has questions.

She does her assessment for me every week, with her pictures and her measurements and tracking her food so that I can easily see it. She does this with me and it helps both of us do this right.

Mostly what I am for Kim is someone who proved it can be done at any age, and a bit of guidence along the way. She's watched me do this for many many years.

While she walks that tightrope and is sometimes uncertain, I'm right there to remind her to trust the process.

And to walk that path with a sweet spot of balance, which is like an art, not a formula. There's a set of guidelines, mainly with protein and caloires at a level based on TDEE. Too low and you fall one way, too high and you fall the other way. Not enough sleep, or nutrients, or water and another type of faltering.

Yesterday, another friend name Kim asked me do you ever reach a wall?

Yes, almost every day there is one wall or another, sometimes it's a big wall, sometimes I fall a few times and get hurt before I get over the wall. Sometimes I have to find another way around or through it. Some days I'm stronger than other days.

I almost want to cringe when people say they failed and are restarting, because that's my life every day. I realize people haven't really learned it yet. That we are not perfect. That the world puts these walls in front of us and we have to roll up our sleeves and deal.

And sometimes we make our own walls or hurdles within our own mind.

We are human. And right now, I know how hard it is because I rarely make a move without something that reminds me that I'm 60 now and I can't go back to being young.

I have no regrets though.

I'm happy to keep moving forward and I'm super happy to have Kim (and a few other Kim's) and many others taking their pictures with me, tracking their food with me, and just rolling with the punches.

I'm here with them, rolling with it every day, every week, year after year. I never get mad if you disappear on me and suddenly pop back in, when you do, I'm here.

But I worry when I don't hear from you.

If you are new, I'm here too. Just meet me half way with a message and we can get the ball rolling.

I'm here, just rolling along with the punches. I'm a volunteer at almost everything I do except repairing computers. Every day there's a block of time where I can respond to people and they know it, and it's rewarding to me.

I don't have to fit into the club, whatever club that is, to execute my purpose. In fact I don't fit, and that's okay. I'm still here for you anyway.

Got fight? Yes, I do.

Happy Flex Friday! 💪


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