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Got discipline?

mid life female weight loss transformation
No one can take this away from me!

"To think good thoughts requires effort. This one of the things that discipline – training – is about". -James Clavell, Shōgun (1975).

Discipline is either not acting or acting in accordance with a system or plan. It's a branch of knowledge, learning, or practice.

It's not a gift, it is learned and earned.

If you say you are not disciplined enough, that's just because you didn't keep doing the steps enough.

It means in your darkest most lonely moments, when no one is watching, and it seems that no one else cares, and it seems like it doesn't matter, you do it anyway. Over and over and over, sometimes through the tears. Because even if it doesn't feel like it matters - it does!

It's because of all the discipline steps I've made over the years that it's just engrained in what I do. One of my disciplines is helping people in the 1st Phorm App, all you have to do is ask, do the steps, and I'll walk the journey with you like I'm doing with Kim.

mid life weight loss transformation 2021
Kim is a ROCK STAR!

Kim is my biggest rock star right now. She is one of the biggest reasons I'll keep going with my volunteer work here, and why with my limited time, it's those who put in the steps who I'll continue to walk with.

Once in a while someone like Kim will listen and ask questions and really do it. And then she takes the steps to fill out her assessment every week, it's quick, but it covers everything and is super easy in the 1st Phorm App, so she does it. Trust me, we don't feel like doing it every week. In fact I hate taking my pictures every week because it's freakin boring and I'm the same, over and over, regarding fitness goals. The shift for me is keeping what I earned all these years, the epitome of maintaining at age 60. If I had not done these steps, I would not have earned the spot of maintaining - as hard as it still is. We don't have time either!!

discipline steps image

What do the steps do in your life?

I've gained continuous respect of the guys on the Sheriff team I'm on and I saw it the other night when we trained late at night at the freezing outdoor range. They see me say no to the cookies, and eat my thermos of homemade soup (which they all say smells amazing and they want some). The rangemaster said I need to bring him some next time. It took me years to develop my "go to" foods that are part of my habits, simple, and delicious and fit my needs.

The guys hear me talk about the macros and how the Belvita breakfast cookies took up all my carbs and is just like eating a cookie, and sometimes all that's left for me in my macro budget is egg whites and delicioius 1st Phorm level-1 protein. Of course I will mention it, because it's what I use and nothing else compares.

They see me in the gym at the office often enough, as they walk through, and it's obvious that I do what it takes when no one is looking and no one else cares, or when it feels it doesn't matter.

When my partners on our little team for the drill, see this tiny 60 year old female hit the gong with a .45 caliber handgun (not every time, but a least a few times to invoke a loud reaction "Ohhhhhhh!!" from the guys.) That's sweet. That's earned. Or when they ran out of targets so the rangemaster drew a red circle with an X through it and the guys joked "How come the girl gets a special circle?" and then I hit it twice in the middle in a smaller pattern compared to the little squares they were shooting. I got many nods of respect and that felt great. I couldn't handle this training without my training in the gym as well as the kitchen, that is for dang sure. These little simple victories that no one else gets to see except me and the guys that night, were earned on far more levels than you can imagine, and not all of them are listed in this post. Some were worked through deeply in my mind, with the help of others.

It's everything combined. Many of the guys saw me when I weighed 197 pounds ten years ago and had to get the large duty belt and uniform. That was a horrible time in my life. It was against everything I wanted for myself. I was an athlete inside, not what I saw in the mirror! I was running marathons at the time and that actually was not helping me.

It was a problem. I fixed it. Just like Kim in the picture is doing right now. I'm never going back to the past. From the conversations I have with Kim, I don't think she's going back either. Not this time.

It doesn't mean we don't make mistakes. It doesn't mean my weight, or Kim's, doesn't creep up. It means we have to keep taking the steps, over and over, to knock it back down.

It doesn't mean being paranoid, it means facing reality and not sticking our head in the sand, about calories, about time, about what it takes, about the effort of prioritizing, about the crazy things really happening in the world that we don't like right now, about pushing out negative thoughts. Yes, even the thought process takes work!

Everything takes practice. Continuous practice. All the skills are parishable. You don't get to a point and say "I'm done. I'm there." Sure, you can take a break and a breather, but that's really just a continuous part of the process too.

Oh and the "mean girls", they can make their snide little under the breath or outright obvious remarks, but they can never take away this respect that you earned. They can't stop the glow you get after a night of training with the guys. Some of those ladies, even at the department, they are long gone. I saw one the other day but she didn't see me, she looked the same, she was always trying to lose the weight and it never really worked, she once said to me right after I lost the weight "Wow, you must have really wanted it bad." and inferred that I was some little weak person with an eating disorder in order to achieve it. She said this to me in front of a group of the guys, thinking she was on superior ground.

You tune that crap out and move on, but still, sometimes you get the little chuckle inside when in the same day, you see that person on the same day that you get the warm glow of respect that she never got to take away. She doesn't even know, and it doesn't even matter, except YOU KNOW and it's actually fantastic. But then, back to the steps!!! 👣👣👣

It's just rolling with life and doing what needs to be done for the day, on a path in a specific direction with goals and steps.

Do the steps!


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