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Got discipline?

mid life female weight loss transformation
No one can take this away from me!

"To think good thoughts requires effort. This one of the things that discipline – training – is about". -James Clavell, Shōgun (1975).

Discipline is either not acting or acting in accordance with a system or plan. It's a branch of knowledge, learning, or practice.

It's not a gift, it is learned and earned.

If you say you are not disciplined enough, that's just because you didn't keep doing the steps enough.

It means in your darkest most lonely moments, when no one is watching, and it seems that no one else cares, and it seems like it doesn't matter, you do it anyway. Over and over and over, sometimes through the tears. Because even if it doesn't feel like it matters - it does!

It's because of all the discipline steps I've made over the years that it's just engrained in what I do. One of my disciplines is helping people in the 1st Phorm App, all you have to do is ask, do the steps, and I'll walk the journey with you like I'm doing with Kim.

mid life weight loss transformation 2021
Kim is a ROCK STAR!

Kim is my biggest rock star right now. She is one of the biggest reasons I'll keep going with my volunteer work here, and why with my limited time, it's those who put in the steps who I'll continue to walk with.

Once in a while someone like Kim will listen and ask questions and really do it. And then she takes the steps to fill out her assessment every week, it's quick, but it covers everything and is super easy in the 1st Phorm App, so she does it. Trust me, we don't feel like doing it every week. In fact I hate taking my pictures every week because it's freakin boring and I'm the same, over and over, regarding fitness goals. The shift for me is keeping what I earned all these years, the epitome of maintaining at age 60. If I had not done these steps, I would not have earned the spot of maintaining - as hard as it still is. We don't have time either!!

discipline steps image

What do the steps do in your life?

I've gained continuous respect of the guys on the Sheriff team I'm on and I saw it the other night when we trained late at night at the freezing outdoor range. They see me say no to the cookies, and eat my thermos of homemade soup (which they all say smells amazing and they want some). The rangemaster said I need to bring him some next time. It took me years to develop my "go to" foods that are part of my habits, simple, and delicious and fit my needs.