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Got Carrots?

beautiful heirloom carrots

Who remembers me and my carrots? I love these carrots, raw, something makes me crave them.

The calories count, but they are well spent! There is nothing better for your health than well spent calories.

Calories are what give us energy, and that energy (ATP in the body) is the currency that runs everything.

Just like calories and protein and micronutrients are the currency that controls body fat.

I have some information that supports what I teach, eating close to TDEE. just enough under for a deficit to lose body fat, and that too low creates metabolic adaptation to fat loss. That will be for another post, "got calories?"

Back to the carrots, it doesn't matter what color the carrots are. The color gives us different phytochemicals, and that's good, but today it's about how the raw fiber in the carrots that can benefit our estrogen and cortisol levels.

The fiber has a stimulating effect in the intestines. The fiber from the carrot carries out the liver toxins. Without the fiber the estrogen tends to go up, which turns off the thyroid and progesterone, which in turn increases estrogen and cortisol which can give us hormonal symptoms, more stress (cortisol), more digestive issues, and make it harder to lose body fat, especially around the mid section.

So, the daily carrot can give us anti-stress and anti-estrogen properties which can be benifical for fat loss, hormone balance, and digestive issues.

Now, I'm not saying you have to go on a new diet. Simply try eating a raw carrot every day. It's not so bad. I like the fresh organic carrots if you can get them, they taste amazing. But the boring bland watery carrots will work, like the baby carrots in the packages that are washed and smoothed down, they still have the needed fiber too!

Roberta with meal and carrots at window

What is the best diet that will give you all the nutrients and macros you need to achieve your goals?