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Got All or Nothing?

Ouch! My bike petal broke. I had to cut my lifting session short before that because something else went wrong, I have a week worth of homework that I have not had time to start yet, Sheriff Range qualifications and haven't had time to practice with new gear yet, these things MUST get done. I need to take ownership for all of this. No one cares my age or how hard it is, just go! Start cutting out what's not as important. Decide what needs to be done right now and what can be done later.

Sometimes I wonder, why keep going? I'm a villan now, doing what was once considered good for over 15 years. And fitness, people don't take their fitness goals seriously enough, or have too many fears or things going wrong, or whatever, the results are the same. I can't fix it or control things in others lives, let alone everything in my own life. I physically hurt too, now my butt is sore from falling on my bike when the petal broke. wah wah, nobody cares, nobody wants to hear it. We get up and take ownership and take care of things one little step at a time. The clock is ticking.

I don't have any more time or any less stress than anyone else, so I will keep going.

I know it's hard. I know it by heart.

I'm so frustrated with so many things right now, but there is always a blessing to count, AND I am more determined than ever to control what goes into my body and being productive with my time - BECAUSE THOSE THINGS I CAN CONTROL!

I've fallen into the trap of ALL or NOTHING lately, doing my long training sessions of cardio AND lifting. When the things went wrong I was only able to do half of each and that was disappointing.


My friend Gina messaged me in the app this morning because she got her assessment done. She's frustrated with things too. I noticed from her posts in the forum that she's been doing cardio and lifting both every day too.

We don't have to do that. It's okay to just do one workout every day! It's okay!!!! It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

For fat loss, you actually get better results if your food in on point. Like really on point. Not getting lazy about bites here and there and eyeballing portions.

Lift weights 3-5 days a week and do cardio on the other days. It's okay to do that! It doesn't have to be all or nothing every single day.

Take control. Decide what must get done and just do that. Let's not paralyze ourselves with the all or nothing and putting to much energy on things we can't control.

What will you take control of today?

Nibbles Fitness Live Check in tonight. Yes, I'll still do it even though I'm pressed for time like you are too.

If you have questions about what Nibbles Fitness is all about, or what you get in the 1st Phorm App, or just want to say Hi and want the link to the meeting simply message me and I'll respond.

Wednesday Night

5:00 PM - (US/Pacific)

8:00 PM - (US/Eastern)

Duration: 30 minutes

Online meeting link available in the 1st Phorm app or messaging me in the Nibbles-Fitness App.


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