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Got Access?

I get a lot of questions about the Nibbles Fitness site, what is it? An App? A website? A community? A Forum? Social Media?

It's a little of everything and it's actually all on the Nibbles Fitness website. The company who hosts my website is called Wix and they made an access point to Nibbles Fitness in a mobile App called Spaces by Wix.

I know this is confusing to some people, so I hope to use this post to explain it a little, and if you have questions, simply message me. Don't be afraid, I'm just a human like you. I always respond, in person. Everything here is authentic and not automated.

You'll find my site is NOT perfect and polished, it's just me, working at all my jobs which are mostly volunteer. I write and help people in my spare time. I'm 60 and the older I get, the more I realize time is too short to worry if people like this about me or not. My goal is to have my best health, take along as many friends as want to join me, and enjoy whatever is left in my life.

What's the Spaces by Wix App? It's a mobile App and you can use it to connect to many websites. My "space" on the Spaces Wix App is called Nibbles-Fitness. If you install it and connect with me there, it's an easier way to access this blog and the forum for members only. There is also a little private chat at the bottom of the mobile screen where you can message me directly and ask me questions about the App. I do the fitness coaching in the 1st Phorm all in one fitness App.

I create posts on my blog, like you are reading right now, and there is also a Forum where we have a private community of people who can have their own blog (viewed by members only), or just read posts and interact with others in the community. I post a daily Macro Accountability post to help others remain accountable, because let's face it, who feels like being accountable for tracking their food and posting a screenshot? Some people do it with me anyway. None of us feel like doing it every day, probably any day for that matter. So, there we are, proving it can be done every bad hair day, rain or snow or shine.

It's easy to post in the forum. If you need help learning how, just ask! 💞

The mobile App (Spaces by Wix and Nibbles-Fitness) is nice because it's free from social media noise and censorship. No ads. No fees. No in your face BS. Just us people living out our lives and trying to stay healthy. We are mostly middle aged women, finding we don't have to be restricted by the false notion that "this is how it is when we age..."

I review and approve all memberships myself. If I don't recognize your email, or see your full name, then I'll email and ask a few questions. I only want real genuine people in our little community.

Do you need Wix to access the Nibbles Fitness Forum? No. It looks a little different, and it's probably a little harder to navigate (as most desktop forums kind of are), but you can get there.

To get to the forum via deskop, click on the tiny little "Forum" at the top of the website (it's just like in that top picture). Then, click on Log In...

Then you get the Log In screen....

Then just enter your email and password, and you'll get into the forum.

It's Monday and I wanted to write about "Got Monday", but this post ended up being more about access. We'll have another Monday, another day, won't we?

Today at work my boss pointed to a shelf of equipment and told me to figure out what it all is, how to test it, and then get them ready to stock into inventory where they'll be sold mainly on e-bay.

We roll up our sleeves and get the job done. It's just as important as the bike ride, the food I packed, drinking the water all day, the gym workout, getting the laundry done, keeping up with shooting skills, feeding the kitties, cleaning the house...

And remembering to take my vitamins and electrolytes so that I can keep my metabolism and immune system strong!

Like I said on Saturday's post. There is always a problem to solve and a blessing to count.

I'm doing it this fine Monday. Are you?

PS if you have questions about the app, or how to make a post, or just want to say Hi, feel free ❤


Nibbles Fitness

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