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Good Morning age 60!

That is what I said this morning when I looked in the mirror.

Officially my 60th birthday is not until early February, but it's close enough and I make my own rules.

If I didn't make my own rules, I'd be stuck in the lies society would place on me.

Do not believe society's lies! Oh on so many levels right now in the year 2020.

People who say you can't, well, look at them, they believe the lie. They believe you can't because THEY can't.

Don't let them put their limitations on you.

If I believed what everyone told me, I would not have the life I have today.

Oh no, it's not perfect. I'm not perfect. But I shall live life to it's fullest until the end and with no regrets!

We are just getting started inside the forum here. I'm setting up people with their personal blogs inside the forum where they can journal in peace.

It's like coming back to the old neighborhood from back in the day. No more social media propaganda. It's a private forum which you can not get into unless I approve your membership.

When you make a post, it stays there, it doesn't get moved around by algorythms and popular votes.

We can be real, honest, gritty, pretty, or whatever we want in truth and friendship. No filters, no fake zones, no fake news, just back to the old fashioned neighborhood.

If you want to join, just message me and I'll send you and invite.

In the meantime, Happy Sunday, Happy Thanksgiving (to those in the USA), and happy life.

And good morning age 60!


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