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Get out and move this weekend!

The weekend is the hardest for most people regarding staying on track with nutrition.

Moving even just a little will make you feel better. If you get outside, the fresh air will be invigorating. Getting the blood flowing will help get your feel good hormones flowing. This helps you want to stay on track with food as well. Don't forget, it doesn't have to be all or nothing!

What does that mean? Well, if you are limited on time, bundle up for the cold and then get outside and start walking, jogging, running, biking, or whatever suits your fancy and bring a watch. How much time do you have to accomplish this little session of moving? Divide it in half and that's when you turn around and come back.

Keep it simple. Don't search for the shiny new thing, just go!

Me, I had set the time aside to be with my friend. I admire her, she is fighting breast cancer through natural methods. It's hard, but she is a warrior. Nutrition for this requries a steadfast discipline for specific nutrition and supplementation, treatment, and exercise.

Me, I struggle with the hole in my back and my legs don't always work the same as when I was younger.

These are the things that help us realize we must appreciate each day to it's fullest. It's a blessing we got to see this beautiful place and we both had the ability to move our legs.

We ended up walking 8.5 miles!

We stopped a few times and the Strava clock kept ticking, but that doesn't matter.

What matters is that we got outside and enjoyed great scenery and a chat about the important things of life, and the simple things.

We enjoyed a delicious protein snack out on the trail and then a hot bowl of soup when we got back to our vehicle. Who knows me well enough to know my simple soups in a thermos have been my go to for so many years?! My friend appreciated her soup so much after this hike, it made me feel so good.

PS the soup was my basic: Imagine chicken broth, ground turkey, a variety of winter squash, a couple broken up sprouted corn tortillas, and a little curry powder. See, keep it simple! Nothing like a hot hearty soup coming in from the cold.

Getting our protein in really helps us feel better. It wards off extra hunger, and it helps our body keep up with the constant protein turnover.

Since I knew I was dedicating this day to spend with my friend, I took my pictures in the My TransPhormation app on Thursday.

I know it's hard to do, and it takes more time than stepping on the scale, but I find it's a more accurate test of how I'm really doing:

I decided to take the pictures inside and outside. I liked the outside shots better! It's a little more cluttered, but I just like them better.

My life is very full, just like most of you. It would have been easy to say I don't have time to take the pictures, and it definitely would have been easy to say "I don't feel like it!" Because dang straight, I did not feel like it!!

But I walk the talk. I don't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do. I'm not anything special, I know this, but it doesn't mean I should stop doing what I know is right in my heart and for the few people around me. I don't have to be a famous fitness person to do this, just plain 'ol Roberta, this little 'ol lady up on a remote mounain top.

If you are struggling, please know you are not alone. I know it feels like no one else could possibly understand your pain or dispair right now, but that is a big fat lie.

If you want to chat, just message me here or in the My TransPhormation App and let's get over the hump.

Together we can do this!

Have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to move, it doesn't have to be all or nothing.



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