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The championship is YOUR LIFE, therefore, quitting is not an option.

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My Friends, I've had this conversation a lot lately so I know it's something that can benefit everyone:

"I've fallen off and now feel completely lost. What's next?"

“I’m ready to kick my ass back into gear”

Here is the good news... I have personally gone through this cycle MULTIPLE TIMES MYSELF!

Punishing myself with cutting calories or doing crazy workouts the day after falling off the plan.. This is not only counter productive to seeing results.. It erodes trust in yourself and hurts us mentally.

If you fall off track.. hey it happens. What we do next determines everything.

Here is what to do -


1. Track your food

2. Hit calories/protein

3. Drink your water

4. Get 45 minutes of movement.

That's it. Simple.

Execute those FOUR THINGS then repeat.

By doing this, you build back

- momentum

- trust in yourself

- discipline (anyone remember that "discipline bank" I wrote about recently?

And you set yourself up to get quickly back on track to seeing results.

This journey will be filled with ups and downs. Expect that. Be prepared for it. And overcome it.

I believe in you.

Trust yourself.

Keep Working.

Those in the 1P App, you can message me there anytime, or call me, I left my number in there. Those active in the Nibbles Fitness Forum can call me as well. Any Time. I mean it. If I can't pick up I will always call back.


Anyone who's been following me knows, my life depends on my health right now. Some very scary things are happening as I see the foundation of my body crumbling.

Why keep fighting? Like the picture at the top says, what? Quitting? It's not an option.

I might have tears, I might struggle to get to the next step, I might have to modify, but quitting is not an option.

For those who wanted to know (and THANK YOU for your love, hugs, cards, thoughts and prayers) my right full hip replacement will be on March 14th and my left full hip replacement will be on June 8th. Honestly, some moments I can't imagine waiting another month, but there is no choice. One painful foot in front of the other. Some days I don't want to leave the house and that's okay too. One foot in front of the other, still, no hiding in bed with a pity party - it would only make the problem worse. My rule is still no TV or movies unless I'm doing light cardio (which is really all I can do anyway).

Every doctor who looks at my bones says they hurt to look at. Randy says he can not even imagine what he would do in my shoes, it's not fun to watch. And there is far more to the scary situation than I let on here, but still it doesn't matter. There is no choice but to fight for life. That is my only option.

As I discuss inside the forum, I can still work on my bike, and I can do things is small chunks of time, moving slowing. There is no reason to go fast, but there are many reasons to keep fighting for my life.

And I know I'm not the only one. Many of you are fighting various issues of survival too.

Let's choose life. I'm with you. 💚❤💙

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