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what one pound of fat looks like

Happy Friday Team Nibbles Fitness!!

The hardest part of the weight loss nutrition focus of this process for me is when I’m continuing to do the right thing and am meticulous with my nutrition plan, either tracking for following an exact meal plan, is trusting the process even though the body weight scale is not budging. It’s not going up which is really great, but it’s not going down for say a week or so. KEEP GOING with the process, it’s always calories and protein. It’s the hardest thing ever to trust but it’s really what makes the progress happen. It’s not always linear, the body sometimes drops it randomly and suddenly in a “whoosh”, sometimes when you least expect it. But it won’t happen unless you stick to the nutrition process even if it FEELS LIKE IT’S NOT WORKING. That’s exactly what trusting the process means.

For me right now, I can see the subtle changes in my body, the tiny bit of definition in my arms and abs and waist. And trust me, it’s not from anything other than nutrition (calories and protein!) because I’m not yet allowed to lift weights and Randy and I have been too busy with home projects to swim or hike as much as we would like. It’s proof once again that fat loss happens with NUTRITION, even if you can’t do as much as you would like with workouts. I'm relying a lot on the 1P protein ice cream I've been making with my Ninja machine, YUM!!! I posted about that in the Nibbles Fitness Forum. It's saving me every day and makes me happy.

TRUST THE PROCESS! If you need some reassurance with that, message me in the 1st Phorm App and we can also find a time to chat on the phone, just let me know!


MAKE AN EFFORT TO WIN. You don’t just get to win; you have to put the work into winning.


Every Week! You pick the best day. I’m always here.


- Every morning M-F @9am Central time.

- #1 Nutrition Habit for Success. Please watch or listen while doing other things and tell me what you learned.


1.) PRETRACK: spend some time this evening pre-tracking everything you plan on eating tomorrow!

🌟 If you plan on eating out, check the menu online and decide/track what you plan on ordering!

2.) HIT PROTEIN EARLY: that way if the day gets away from you, you have set yourself up for a win by still hitting your daily protein goal.

3.) GET MOVEMENT IN EARLY: most of us sleep in on the weekend. don't! Get up at your normal time and get in 45 minutes of movement so that way you can be more present later in the day!

The WEEKEND GAMEPLAN is a PROCESS that will help you get the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE LONG-TERM not just challenge mode!

30% of our ENTIRE year is the weekend…

Think you fall off Friday-Sunday every weekend… you are getting 70% of the results.

Personal Excellence is the Ultimate Rebellion.

Keep Working.

I hope you win today. Make sure to spend some time this evening pre-tracking everything you plan on eating tomorrow!

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