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Fire 🔥 and Recovery Update

mosquito fire map

The last post was about ice cream! Now it's about fire.

Many of you have been praying for me regarding my spine surgery, as well as the big fire here in California, the Mosquito Fire, so here's the update. And of course, thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers, messages, phone calls, and cards ❤️ , more on how I'm doing below.

The map above shows the Mosquito Fire. Up at the top of the map is the Dutch Fire that started yesterday and is now under control. We live right next to the Dutch Fire. Right now the Mosquito Fire is 20% contained.

Dutch fire map

Here's the map of the Dutch Fire. There is a green overlay over the fire area. The lower part of the map shows a yellow overlay that is the upper section of the Mosquito Fire.

I'm in Gold Run, in the lower left of the map, and that is 5 miles from Dutch Flat. The bicycle route I often post goes through Dutch Flat, Alta, and Towle.

Yesterday as we heard a steady stream of sirens and fire bomber airplanes, I packed a few things in case I needed to leave. Randy and our neighbors were going to stay and fight as we have made a defensible space for ourselves. I would stay and fight but I'm fairly useless right now, just one week out of surgery.

Since many of you have seen my last few videos while I'm in my little hospital bed, I decided to make one today standing up. I can get up and walk around fine, as long as the sciatic pain isn't bothering me and as long as no BLT (Bending, Lifting, or Twisting).

The sciatic pain came on in the middle of last week and it is often something that happens as the healing process is going on. Things are shifting around and sometimes nerves can get trapped in scar tissue. We won't know how it turns out until we wait, but chances are everything should be fine. I hope so! It is scary to not know.

One thing for sure in my own mind, solid as a rock, that this surgery was the right thing to do, as I explained in my video.

So there's my update.

Let's keep on fighting the good fight! 👊🏻 👊🏻


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