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Fatigue makes cowards of us all

scottish fold kitty in bay window

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. -George S. Patton

It's the truth, and when we are fatigued it's the worst time to make decisions, although at times we must. When you can, sleep on it. When you can't, just do your best and rely on training.

That's why we train.

mid life female deputy sheriff

The other night, I showed up for Sheriff Qual night early and was asked to speak to the Sheriff Academy for a few minutes about our reserve team. It's run next door. The recruits asked me really good questions.

One question included what was the biggest thing to overcome and what is the biggest benefit in my life.

The biggest benefit is simply being accountable to my community, holding myself to a higher standard as a citizen, even when not on duty. Forcing myself to be ready to help no matter what is happening around me.

It always comes down to the training, all the reps. Back to all the reps!

flower in parking lot

No matter what is going on, take a minute to look around and find something beautiful and marvel at the miracle of life. I took this picture in the parking lot at the Sheriff's department earlier this week. I was walking from my car to the building to go take care of some paperwork upstairs. I stopped, got my camera out, and captured it.

Even if I'm not in the big social media game so much anymore, I love how it taught me to look around and take pictures. I still take pictures for myself and Randy, I don't have to post them, but I love pictures because they bring back memories of the day. I can look back at all the pictures I've taken over the years, and each one brings back a flood of memories of how I felt that day and what was happening. With the craziness of the world now, it helps me ponder what's important and what isn't, and how I spend my time.

In the Nibbles Fitness Forum: I'm going to stop posting my daily macro post every morning. If you are someone that enjoys posting yours, I would encourage you to do so on your blog whenever you want, and say a little something about it, it's a peice of you, and it matters. It will always be precious to me, and I will always respond to any post. I know what it means to post something, and how you are giving a piece of yourself to do it, so I will never ignore any post.

mid life female at gym

I post my workouts daily on Strava, and I'll write little Nibbles Fitness blog posts here, and I'll keep posting in the 1st Phorm App for now, and helping people who want help there. As a very amazing man (Lt. Dave Grossman) said in a podcast I listened to yesterday "We all don't get to be a Lewis B. Puller." We grow old and we make our way around in our little community being an example. That's me. You either see me or you don't, you either care or you don't, my life goes on, right here. Fatigue will make me be a coward and want to quit even now sometimes. Instead, I sleep on it and make changes with how I spend my time. What matters and what doesn't? My friends will find me, I will live my life the way it's meant to be lived.

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all." This always fits in with life. We all need sleep, there is nothing wrong with needing sleep. Yes, I know by heart that it's not pefect and many of us are plagued with various forms of insomnia and hormone issues as we age. Just do your best anyway and keep working with doctors and research to make it better.

Randy and I were up late with our Sheriff training and had to get up early for a long day at work, and didn't get enough sleep. It made for a long day, and we got good sleep last night. It happens.

Mid life female in tech job

Often when I tell people what I'm doing now, especially with my volunteer Deputy Sheriff work, and learning Mechatronics and Technology, they say "That's not me " or "I'm Technology challenged." That's the coward in all of us speaking, because I assure you, it's not me either. When I get fatigued, my mind wants to revert to that, but I keep putting one foot in front of the other and I value my sleep, even if it's not perfect, I make the time for it.

I'm getting on with my day now, which involves chores, studying for my big exam coming up in a few weeks, pondering and remembering friends I have lost recently, praying, eating healthy, and going for a hike with Randy. Even he has gone to the doctor recently which is a rare event, I had to make the appointment for him. So far, all is fine but we have some waiting to do. Mainly, none of us will be around forever and our moments are all precious, not to be wasted or allowed to be trampled upon.

Celebration of life Walt Chatham

Not only did I work with Walt back in the day at the Sheriff's Department, but he loved coming into Naggiar Winery. I loved chatting with him there the year I worked as a tasting room hostess. Does anyone remember that year? I have precious memories and lessons from that time in my life. I'm glad I did that. Yes, it's was hard and scary to try something new. It wasn't me, but I didn't let fatigue make a coward of me. I get to keep those percious memories and laughs with Walt Chatham and no one can take that away from me.



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