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Fatigue makes cowards of us all

scottish fold kitty in bay window

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. -George S. Patton

It's the truth, and when we are fatigued it's the worst time to make decisions, although at times we must. When you can, sleep on it. When you can't, just do your best and rely on training.

That's why we train.

mid life female deputy sheriff

The other night, I showed up for Sheriff Qual night early and was asked to speak to the Sheriff Academy for a few minutes about our reserve team. It's run next door. The recruits asked me really good questions.

One question included what was the biggest thing to overcome and what is the biggest benefit in my life.

The biggest benefit is simply being accountable to my community, holding myself to a higher standard as a citizen, even when not on duty. Forcing myself to be ready to help no matter what is happening around me.

It always comes down to the training, all the reps. Back to all the reps!

flower in parking lot

No matter what is going on, take a minute to look around and find something beautiful and marvel at the miracle of life. I took this picture in the parking lot at the Sheriff's department earlier this week. I was walking from my car t