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Fall 2021 Positivity Challenge

This is NOT a fitness challenge. It’s a community building, step out of your comfort zone, life challenge. It’s free. Many people are hurting emotionally right now and need to connect with others. It’s a difficult time in the world and many feel isolated and lonely.

This challenge will go on the entire month of October 2021 and you are welcome to join any time.


I will be giving gift prizes to those who participate the most. Gifts ideas: bath bombs, resistance bands, furry sleep mask, bath salts, aroma therapy candles, athletic socks, cold therapy massager, ponytail ties and scrunchies, water bottles, packable backpack, ear warmer headband, core slider, motivating gallon water jug, microfiber gym towels, meal prep containers, resistance bands, natural sleep alarm clock, etc. I will select prizes according to what the what the participants want, need, or could use according to how I get to know them all month reading their posts and comments.


This challenge is for Nibbles-Fitness members only who participate in the forum and have their own personal blog there. If you don’t have a blog yet let me know and I’ll create one for you. Scroll down for how to do that.


Every day in October I will post a picture with a question on my blog inside the forum. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is write at least 3 sentences or more answering the question and a story about how it applies to your life, ALONG with a picture to go with it. You will get one point for each post all month.

You will get another point for each thoughtful comment you post on any other member’s post. It must be a thoughtful post that shows you read what the person wrote and at least one full sentence or more.

Extra credit points are giving for any friend you invite to the forum who needs a challenge like this. Message me and let me know.

Extra credit points will be given for anyone who can find all the gifts hidden in the picture! 😉💚


Send me a chat message here my Nibbles Fitness website letting me know you want to participate. If you don’t have a blog in the forum, you can attach a picture for your banner and a one liner, and I will create one for you:   Here’s a few examples of other members blogs:

NOTE: You can access the forum on the Nibbles Fitness in a Web Browser OR the Spaces by Wix mobile app where my site space is named Nibbles-Fitness. Most people use the mobile app, but it’s not required.

Here’s how to get to the forum on the desktop website at Nibbles Fitness:

Here’s the forum:

If you are already a member you can login to the Nibbles Fitness site first:

OR you can click the “Already a member, Login” per the picture below.

If you are not a member yet you can request a membership. If you do this, you must message me with your full name and why you want to join. I won’t accept memberships unless I know this as I intend to keep the Forum a safe place for all of us.

I’m super excited to hear all of your stories and see some of you grow as you step out of your comfort zone.


PS If you are in the 1st Phorm TransPhormation challenge you can certainly still do this challenge.

If anyone is interested in doing the 1st Phorm Eight week $50k TransPhormation challenge let me know!

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