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Eight Nibbles Fitness Tips

Two ladies dressed nice back to back

Everywhere I go, people tell me they gained weight ever since the ugly C word.

Our habits carry over to rough times. That's why the time to build habits is NOW, not later.

It doesn't matter if we are not perfect. How often do we "wait until I'm ready" for anything? It's never ending. I'm never ready enough.

The rest of society isn't going to go with the flow of our good habits. Since we must fight against the rest of society to achieve and keep our fitness goals we will all have to find ways to think out of the box. We are all unique in our individual environment and the only way we will succeed is to create new ways.  

Willpower when people change

Willpower will fail us, so the key to success is to change your environment.


Here are some tips:


1) Take Ownership.


This means don't let other people own what you put in your body or how you spend your time.  You do not have to eat everything that is offered you. There is no such thing as free food. Your health pays the price. If you want cake, own it and eat the cake. If you want to skip the cake for health reasons, own that too.

No explanation necessary

You do not owe anyone explanations as to why or why not you decide to eat cake or anything else.  A simple no thank you is all they need.  Why open the door for them to argue or take ownership of what you have already decided you want to do? No. Just own it.


No whining about it either. No one wants to hear woe is me stories about being on a diet to fix your health problem. Just do it. Just own it.

Bring your own food to a party and just eat it, lately I've found that people aren't asking me about it. Most people are too absorbed by their own issues or interests and are not interested in why I brought a thermos of food and drink. I bring a nice cup to drink out of and carry it around when I mingle.


2) Create Progress NOT Perfection.


We are not fitness robots. We are not perfect with diet. We just get back up and keep going. We think hard about what caused us to fail?  Did we eat too little for too many days?  Did we not sleep enough?  Did we not plan and bring healthy options?


Ditch the guilt. Dust yourself off. Think of a solution. Move forward.


3) Create Discipline NOT Motivation. 


Motivation is a fallacy. It's more like being in a good mood. Being reliable means doing what needs to be done even when you are not in the mood for it. 


It's no different than being successful at a job or with school. Just do what needs to be done and it builds it's own momentum.


Quit saying you are starting over. Just roll with it. Just roll with life. None of us g

ets a free pass for the smooth sailing, we just keep rolling.

Quit saying "I can't." Start rewriting those sentences with "I can" sentences in your head. Even if there are some things you can't do, like I can't run anymore, so what? I need to quit saying it.


4) Create new options to combat stress.


Learn new ways of comfort instead of "comfort food".  Think of what makes you comfortable. Is it a hug from people you love, a hot bath, a hot cup of tea, a massage? Stop and think before you eat.  Keep a journal and write about how you feel.


Make eating purposeful and not mindless. Before you start popping things in your mouth take a deep breath and think about WHY.  Put up some reminders as to why. Pictures and symbols that remind you of your goal.


Pack your lunch. Bring your own healthy snacks. Avoid the snack room. Keep busy with work. Drink water. Enlist a buddy who wants to get healthy too.


5) Create new ideas for eating out.

  • Decide what you will eat ahead of time.

  • Drink Water.

  • Look for healthier options.

  • Skip the bread, skip the chips.

  • Choose grilled food over fried food.

  • Ask for steamed vegetables.

  • Stop when satisfied, eat slow, you do not have to finish the plate!

  • Stay engaged in conversation and active listening. Ask questions, people love to talk when you ask.

  • Split the meal with someone.

  • Skip dessert or split it with someone.

  • Decide on just one of these; Carbs OR Alcohol OR dessert - Just ONE!


6) Create your own rules about meal timing and what foods to eat.


I often eat soup for breakfast:

Chicken Vegetable Soup with Bread and Butter: Chicken, broth, vegetables, garlic and herbs, 2.3 ounces of O organics bake at home french loaf with a dab of Kerry-gold grass fed butter.


420 calories

28g protein

7g fat

62g carbs


Or egg whites for dinner:

Egg whites topped with mushrooms, enchilada sauce, and avocado.


193 calories

25g protein

7g fat

9g carbs


7) Tired of logging food in an online tracker? Create your own meal plan book. Go get a nice hardbound journal and write your favorite meals, recipes, with macros and calories. Add some tabs for a 1400 calorie meal plan, and any other calorie level, especially your TDEE which is what your body always wants and needs and it's not cheating!

8) Create positive thoughts in your head.


You are not fat, you have fat. You are not fingernails, you have fingernails.

Cute scottish fold kitty positive thoughts

We all have to "work" on positive thoughts every day. Humans have a built in "negativity bias" so you have to work against that.


We naturally compare to others and feel insecure and this is worse now in the age of the internet. 


Stop minimizing your progress as if it's nothing (this is typically due to comparing).

1 pound of fat

Quit saying "I only..." or "just" and belittling your progress because it's not fast enough. When you start doing that, focus on the process and not the results. Be happy about the wins in completing SMART goals because those are what will get you the results.

This is why I like to say, focus on the food scale not the body weight scale. The food scale is your key to fat loss success.

I often like to look at daily calories over time. If you put your daily calories in a spreadsheet and make a graph, you can visualize it. This only works if you are accurate with your data entry with food logging! If you don't have accurate data the picture is meaningless.

Calorie graph or chart

The graph of calories over 90 days is great, you are where you are at right now because of that. Add up all those 90 day segments over years, and there is your answer.

Who has something to add to this?


Nibbles Fitness

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