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Easter Forgiveness

Happy Easter mountain sunrise 2022

This post is for those who are sad, empty, in pain, or even angry today, on Easter. You may see all the "perfect family" Easter pictures and feel left out.⁣

It's not fair to wonder what it's like to have a family, or whatever the many different tragedies are that you might have experienced, or are experiencing right now.⁣

There is no such thing as a perfect family. Every seemingly perfect family has their share of tragedy under the surface. ⁣

Sometimes I tell this story on Father's Day, or Christmas, or any other holiday that makes me feel sad.

I met my dad for the first time when I was 15 and in a foster home. We had very little contact after that.⁣

When I was a professional in my job and running marathons my dad had a chance to tell me he was proud of me even though he said he had nothing to do with who I became.⁣ He sent me messages via electronic text, when this first came out on computers.

It gave me a chance to forgive him for abandoning me before he died. He had his own issues. He was merely surviving his own luggage.⁣

Now that he is gone, I look back with no regret that I didn't miss that opportunity.

Do you every wonder if the people who are gone can see us, living our lives? We probably won't know until our own time comes, oh and our own time will come. Will we have regrets?

It's so easy to use our tragedy and pain to be an excuse to be mean and grumpy. Just smile and say something nice anyway. In your own words, whatever they are. I have learned to smile and say Happy Easter, even though many have not felt happy to me.

I make my own rules. I carry my own hurt beneath the surface but it heals a little more each year. Let the others have their happy moments.⁣ We don't have to project our tragedies on them.

If you have a chance to forgive, give it and move on, especially if they ask for it. It doesn't always mean it's appropriate for them to be a part of your life, but it means you can get on with yours.⁣

None of us gets a free pass, no matter how it might appear to you.⁣ The pressure of the day is upon us all.

Today I'm enjoying the blessings of sunshine after many days of dark and cold rain.

fresh raw milk from the farm

I'm enjoying fresh cream from the milk cow on the farm one mile here.

I'm appreciating the of the fact that I can actually walk there to pick up the milk as I did yesterday. I'm no longer limping. I have the miracle of one new titanium hip that enables me to stand up straight, and walk and sit normally, and walk for more then just a few feet!

first batch of homemade butter from raw cream

I learned to make butter from cream this week, and yogurt from fresh milk.

homemade sourdough bread

I received a special treat from a baker in ourlocal community, where we all share our various skills with each other. While I can't eat delicious yummy homemade sourdough bread on a regular basis, I can enjoy it this wonderful Easter Sunday. And I can enjoy it with my new batch of homemade butter! MMMmmmm.

And it's these simple pleasures Randy and I will enjoy here in our little home in the mountains.

So, make it the best day ever anyway. Make your own rules.⁣

As Mendy in the forum said this morning, "Happy Resurrection Day!" I'm feeling it this morning!

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