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Recipe Exchange @ 9pm!

Don't miss the challenge DEADLINE!

Don't miss the fitness challenge deadline

The deadline is today, but don't worry if you are a little late. I have contacts at 1st Phorm and I can get you in!

Mike Counihan urges your health priority

It's just like my friend Mike Counihan says, make your health a priority! If not for yourself, for your loved ones.

2022 winter challenge calendar

The challenge is only eight weeks, but it gets you started. If you've been wandering aimlessly, this is what will help you focus!

Daily checklist for fitness goals

Every day, you mark off your daily tasks. These are where the magic happens, week after week. Small little tasks that anyone can do.

weekly checklist for fitness goals

Then, the weekly tasks measure your progress and help keep you accountable.

Do not worry, this is all private between you and I. No one sees your information except me. You don't have to be in the challenge.

Anyone who takes pictures, you will not be entered in the challenge without YOUR PERMISSION.

Informative interactive fitness and health education

One of the most informative and fun things in the 1st Phorm App is the daily livestream videos. You can ask questions during the live, or watch them later.

You can text me any time, 24 x 7, in the App with the convenient chat icon right there at the bottom of your screen.

Roberta's daily macros and protein

Many of you know, I'm currently in a countdown to total hip replacement surgery.

This is when my calories and macros (and micros!) matter more than ever! They always matter, but a little extra protein is needed daily for healing and recovery of the surgery.

I get by with a little help from my friends, Nibbles Fitness

I need you as much as some of you need me!

FREE fitness challenge

Inside the Nibbles Fitness forum (It's a FREE membership without all the algorithm's and personal data harvesting) is a place where we all support each other and help motivate each other.

Mendy has been running a fitness challenge and it's been very successful. If you want to join, you are welcome. If you have trouble joining the free forum membership here, send me a chat and I will help.


I know what it's like to LOVE FOOD and face the daily challenge of always wanting more. I still face that challenge. I want to stress eat, and sometimes do a little! We all have to renew the warrior mindset every day to prevent ourselves from going back to our overweight lifestyle.

We learn it a little more every day that we do it. We start to slip backwards (yes, me too!) But we KNOW what to do over time, and we muster up that warrior mindset and just do the daily and weekly steps.

Let's make this the best and healthiest year ever, for ourselves and our families and loved ones. Let's shine that beacon of light, no matter what the circumstances.

If you want to join the challenge, download the App and send me a message in there. Or you can join and just use me as your personal coach and accountability partner. That's where I do it, inside the 1st Phorm App where I've shown you a little glimpse of the screens in this post.

I have new people joining and it's the funnest thing every to connect with you in there.

Let's go!!!!!!!!!


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