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Don't get stuck in the mud

60 year old female

I am encouraged because every failed attempt is a lesson and a step forward.

Along with that every success should remind us what creates it. We have to continue what that was.

People told me yesterday that I should celebrate passing my Comptia A+ core 1 certification. I celebrated with a swim 🏊‍♀️ session, then back onto my action plan for the Comptia A+ Core 2 Certification. Neither exam is good without the other. I know how much work it took to pass yesterday, so time to get back on it.

Once that is done then on to Mechatronics as the semester starts in August.

Summer rain California

I take breaks when needed, tea with Randy outside, bike rides, hikes, swims, lifting weights, playing with beautiful Scottish Fold kitties, and good healthy food 😉... Enjoying the sunrise 🌅 and sunsets 🌇 and the smell of the summer rain like yesterday's post on LinkedIn.

Learn from the past but don't be stuck in it.

Don't get stuck in past failure or success! Keep moving forward.

We all need others for support 🙏❤ so own that for yourself. Find and ask and trim out people who hinder that.

Use your natural strength to be your best and know that you can build strength that you don't have. Think you can't make a plan and actually follow it? Not true. You just need to go back to the top (learning from failure and success) and then keep going.

Take breaks, but get back on it!

Resilience comes from doing this and keeping your grit, for life, no matter what your age.

Roberta ❤

Nibbles Fitness

Mindset is everything

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