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Do you like the idea of results?

mid life female before and after weight loss transformation

Kim here likes the actual results, which are only happening because she is sticking with the process. She isn't just liking the idea, she is embracing the process.

It's a hard mindset to embrace the process. It takes a warrior. Are you a warrior?

Likely you are in other aspects of your life, and you simply need to apply the same process to nutrition and exercise. That's all it is.

It isn't all the complicated fancy fads or diets, although certain things can give you an extra edge. I can help you with that, but FIRST, you must master a few basic steps with food portions. You start there, and you build. For some people macro planning is too overwhelming, so you can start with simple portion control with very simple foods. One you make progress, I can help you with further steps.

We have all the tools in the 1st Phorm App. If you aren't into winning the $50k prize, that's okay too. Everything is private and secure between you and I. Progress pictures still matter and it's an extremely important part of measuring progress.

SMART goals need to be measurable.

It's easy to get caught up with "stronger is better, it's not about looks or vanity, etc" but the fact is your health markers change significantly when your BMI is in a healthy range. Other measurements like DEXA are far more accurate, but get your BMI down to at least a 25 before you discount it as a metric. I get it, as my LBM is off the charts higher than women my height and still, BMI had it's valid place in my journey and still does. Don't use it as an excuse to say you are big boned or have a lot of muscle. I've been there too, I get it. It's a distraction that takes away your best health.

I'm doing a few things right now to keep my vision for my own health. It's hard, and it's something we all have to keep doing, even me!

meal planner document for weight loss

Not only am I tracking my food daily in the 1st Phorm App, but I'm making little meal plans to follow. I can take the sheet of paper with me or leave it on the counter, and cross off what I've eaten. It doesn't have to be in the exact order. I just need to eat a set amount in ever 25 hour block.

calories for 5 foot tall mid life female age 60

The reality is, 1400 calories adds up very quickly and the amount of food never seems fair.

Most HRM's and "active calories" will make you believe that you should eat more. I am only 5 foot tall which is why these numbers are so low. If you are taller, they will be a bit more. This is what I studied when I got my nutrition degree. This is what I have learned from helping women in mid life for over 10 years now.

I know it's not fun. I know it's not fair! I know this by heart.

I roll up my sleeves and keep going, just like Kim. Both of us make mistakes. Both of us get bummed out. Both of us feel like we are constantly treading water and getting no where, when we are actually doing the process.

The focus needs to stay away from the body weight scale. It's a weird siren song with a double edged sword. Jot the data down and get on with the real process.

Which is.... food portions that never seem fair! And this is why most people give up.

Talk to me about it in the App, and I'll give you tips as you go along. You are not likely to be able to take the plan I give and just run with it. You need to commmunicate with me, ongoing, like Kim does. She does her assessments, measurements, and pictures (with the assessment ever week). She uses the app to make her meal plans, and she follows her plan.

If that's too overwhelming for you, you can follow the portion control or simple meal plan that gives you portion sizes. I have that for you too. Don't like it? Think it's boring? Then put in the little extra effort to make your own meal plan. If you want the word document outline per the meal plan picture up above, email me and I will send it to you.

Yes, I work out nearly every day. It's something different each day. Sometimes it's a hike, sometimes it's Sheriff Patrol, sometimes swimming or biking or lifting weights. Yes, it's limited because of my sciatica and arthritis almost everywhere in my body, but I'm learning to make it work.

And STILL, it's the calories per day that always make the most difference.

visual calendar for meal plan success

I'm visualizing that as well. I get a little star for each day I'm at 1400 or under. It's okay to have a day a week that is right at my TDEE (which is only 1500 because I'm 5 foot nothing tall!!!) I know by heart it's not fair. My Garmin watch constantly reminds me that my RMR is only 1200-1300. That is so not fair!

Roll up our sleeves and deal.

Do you just like the idea of results? Or are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do the little bit of sustainable work every day.

PS the deadline for the Summer Challenge is this coming Monday at midnight Central time. Register here and send me a message in the App and I'll help you get started.

Let's go!!!!


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Hop in, let's goooooo!!!!!

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