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Do the Math! (calories and macros)

I have a friend who just started a fancy fun new meal plan she was excited about. It had some great recipes. She spent the weekend following the recipes and measuring everything out.

It included so many amazing and healthy foods, but it was a big change all at once. She did love the foods and she didn't mind all the "detox" concoctions and healthy fats which are said to aid in fat loss.

But then after a few days she felt like she was eating too much and also starting have some digestive problems.

She asked me what I thought. My friend knew her TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), she's been around the block on this nutrition for fat loss thing before.

I asked her if she measured everything out per the plan, and she said yes. I asked her if she'd done the math, entering this all in her calorie app that breaks this down into macros.

No, she trusted the program she bought.

I told her to double check the math. It turns out the plan she had definitely had her eating at her TDEE or a little higher, and not enough protein which should be at least 1 gram per goal body weight for fat loss.

Many diets can get you excited about eating healthy and I love that!

But the bottom line is that if you choose healthy single ingredient foods that you love, divided up through your day in the correct amounts, you will lose body fat over time.

It's the calorie deficit that does this, and that means less then your TDEE most days of the week, yet not going over TDEE on the other days. It's that simple.

The healthy micronutrients you get from simple farm fresh foods, not overly processed, are what help with metabolism and overall health. That's where the fat burning comes in, if it's in conjunction with a calorie deficit.

Your TDEE is mainly based on your gender and height. There are many very good macro calculators out there, all based on various scientific equations. We did all those equations in college nutrition and since they are all over the map, I took an average and made a chart based on gender and height. It's a great place to start