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Detox Sunday! And Nibbles Retreat

strava walk after hip replacement

It's Sunday! Tomorrow it will be one week since I had my hip replacement surgery.

I went for a longer walk today, without the walker, but Randy was with me.

I wouldn't have gone that far if I was still on the pain medication. Without the medication I can really tell if it's okay to walk that far and it felt wonderful. I cried almost halfway because I was so happy I could go on a real walk. It's been years. I still have to take small steps to protect the wound, heel to toe steps, but it felt wonderful and I had some hills. The neighbors saw us and they were worried about the the hills, but I did fine. I don't think most people realize the level of fitness I've kept in leading up to surgery, in spite of these bad hips!

I'd say my right and left hip now have the same level of pain. The right needs to heal and is still very swollen. The left is still bone on bone with deteriation and bone spurs. I'm almost halfway there!

The pain medicine was making me feel sick, moody, and giving me sweat sessions in addition to the hot flashes I already have. After six days of 1/2 doses of medication, I decided to quit yesterday. Not only was it hard to sleep as I couldn't relax properly, but when I finaly slept I woke up with the most horrible night sweats ever, cold, clammy, and feeling like I had the flu. It was kind of scary, but I did the research and it's classic detox from narcotics. Good riddence pain pills! They served their purpose and no doubt I needed them those first days after surgery.

It's time to power though, hopefully tonight won't be as bad, but no matter what I'll get through it.

My hip really doesn't feel pain other than being swollen and stiff and that will take some time to heal. Since DVT's are especially a risk for 10 days and longer, I'll keep doing a few daiky sessions with the compression machine, and of course icing the swollen wound severaltimesa day. The nurse will come to take off the dressing tomorrow, then someone will come to take out the stiches or staples in another week.


Now that I have an idea about how this goes I'm planning a Nibbles Fitness Retreat in early August on the weekend this year (2022). It will be at Lake Tahoe, California. If you are interested in attending let me know. Once I find out how many, I'll get deposits from everyone going for the rental cabin or house.

It will be simple, I'll rent a house and so far my friend Lynne and I will go. We'll make room for others who want to join us. We'll go for hikes, rent bikes, go out on a boat, or whatever we feel like to celebrate life. We'll cook some meals together, especially showing each other our tricks for healthy meal, and we could celebrate with a meal out if we feel like it. It's just time to be together and enjoy each other's company and good food, rest, activities, and celebrating that we can be our best.

This is my friend Lynne. She is 64 and a busy wife, mother, and nurse and yet she did this. She's getting ready for a photo shoot to celebrate and she is having fun buying clothes that fit her smaller size.

It's hard to fit in those workouts, we know! It's hard to plan your meals and macros and stick to your plan! Lynne is proof that anyone who sets their mind to it can! But you have to realize, there really is no cheating on your meal plans to achieve this. You can't rely on just good workouts, but you can't cheat on workouts either.

You either do the work, no cheating, and get results, or you cheat and don't get results. No short cuts. No free passes.

And just as there is no cheating, thus for me to recover properly there's no cheating for me to. My plan might be modified, but it has to be followed too. For me, getting those pain meds out of my system will help since they did seem to cause feeling sick and mood swings, but that's the way the week after surgery is. Tomorrow is a new week.

I've got my food prepped and a plan I just need to follow, a great app to log it in, and now I know I can walk and do the rowing machine. Maybe I'll try the spin bike. No swimming or lifting for awhile, but I'll do what I can!

Let's keep fighting the good fight, shall we?

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