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Decide to be a problem solver

Winners solve problems, whiners wallow in them.

You can decide to be a problem solver. If you have not been one before, decide to start today.

Do not expect to walk a perfect life of a problem solver, just go and start doing it.

Like anything else, it's a continuum. Start where you are at. Step out of your comfort zone and move.

It means pushing aside negative thoughts like I said in my last post. It means looking at your glass as half full, or even overflowing if you look at your blessings. At the time of that writing, I was focused on the blessings of my beautiful friends in a safe community (the Nibbles Fitness Forum) where we don't have to get blasted (like I did on Gab for that very post).

I don't really care what the guy on Gab meant when he said we surround ourselves with BS. Was it my post, or was it everything going on in the world? I don't have time to create a narrative about some guy I don't know.

I'm living my best life until the end. I'm 60. I sometimes feel half my life has passed me by, but I sometimes feel I have half my life ahead of me. Is that kinda like looking at the glass and saying it's either half empty or half full?

There is always a balance. Yes, I know the world is full of crap and full of political games right now. Yes I know there are tribes wanting to stomp me out for my color or whatever else about me doesn't fit their agenda. Yes, I know they want to control me and take away everything I have worked hard for.

For now, I'll prepare for living and focus on what I have control over. I will keep my promises to myself.

I'm ready for the day we might not have power or the internet. Yes, I know my hair color, makeup, lashes and how I look won't matter.

My ability to guage nutrition, macros, portions, and health will always matter.

I have the ability to solve the little problems in my life. I have the ability to decide I will learn how to fix things, even though it's far from my "gift".

Maybe my gift is the tenacity of being a survivor.

I am learning to fix things with my husband Randy. That why I changed my major to Mechatronics and IT after I completed my Nutrition and fitness degree.

It's not my gift, but it's a needed skill in the world now and in the future. It's fun to decide when things are broken, is this something I can learn to fix?

At the core of every job and every season of life, is problem solving. We learn to plan. We train. We create our mission. Rarely do things go according to plan.

The more we solve any problem, the better we get at solving more. We learn who to ask, we learn what resources are available, and we learn to do our best when no help is available. We keep training.

Something new will pop up to solve. Be ready.

Learning new skills and adapting to stress is not a reason for me to give up on being healthy and fit.

Right now is not the time for me to give up on looking nice for my jobs, or staying at a healthy weight, or helping others with health and fitness, or keeping up with Sheriff training, or slacking on Mechatronics and IT.

So yes, I still took my measurements and pictures this week. I will do this every week all year.

Will some people think it's vain or BS? Who cares? I'm the one dealing with problems in my life and waking up every day to face it, not the naysayers.

Yes, I am keeping my promises to myself. Look how fast time is flying by this year!

I'm on my way to one of my jobs this morning. I've spent weeks building this disk array server from parts on shelves. I've been troubleshooting things working every step of the way.

I'm proud of what I built. I never did THIS back in the day at HP. But my career there gave me a foundation, even if it's not my "gift." I simply decided to be a problem solver.

We rest when it's time to rest. I enjoy the sunset 🌇 like this one last night. Even while Randy and I had to troubleshoot things with our electrical system.

Now, we almost done with our commute to work. Time to troubleshoot the next thing with this server and disk array setup. It worked with one disk array, but when I added the other three Windows server won't boot anymore. So I will go back to one array and start adding the others back one at a time.

One thing is certain. There will always be problems to solve.

Are you ready for that?

PS I already know Marcus, a coworker, will smile and say "Good Morning" and will smile 😃 when hears me say "It's another glorious day to make good choices!" He replies "That's what I wanted to hear!"

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