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Decide to be a problem solver

Winners solve problems, whiners wallow in them.

You can decide to be a problem solver. If you have not been one before, decide to start today.

Do not expect to walk a perfect life of a problem solver, just go and start doing it.

Like anything else, it's a continuum. Start where you are at. Step out of your comfort zone and move.

It means pushing aside negative thoughts like I said in my last post. It means looking at your glass as half full, or even overflowing if you look at your blessings. At the time of that writing, I was focused on the blessings of my beautiful friends in a safe community (the Nibbles Fitness Forum) where we don't have to get blasted (like I did on Gab for that very post).

I don't really care what the guy on Gab meant when he said we surround ourselves with BS. Was it my post, or was it everything going on in the world? I don't have time to create a narrative about some guy I don't know.

I'm living my best life until the end. I'm 60. I sometimes feel half my life has passed me by, but I sometimes feel I have half my life ahead of me. Is that kinda like looking at the glass and saying it's either half empty or half full?

There is always a balance. Yes, I know the world is full of crap and full of political games right now. Yes I know there are tribes wanting to stomp me out for my color or whatever else about me doesn't fit their agenda. Yes, I know they want to control me and take away everything I have worked hard for.

For now, I'll prepare for living and focus on what I have control over. I will keep my promises to myself.

I'm ready for the day we might not have power or the internet. Yes, I know my hair color, makeup, lashes and how I look won't matter.

My ability to guage nutrition, macros, portions, and health will always matter.

I have the ability to solve the little problems in my life. I have the ability to decide I will learn how to fix things, even though it's far from my "gift".

Maybe my gift is the tenacity of being a survivor.

I am learning to fix things with my husband Randy. That why I changed my major to Mechatron