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Cute little Scottish Fold kitty

cute scottish fold kitty video

I knew the snow ❄❄❄ would come again here in California. We enjoyed the sun 🌞 for a few weeks.

People make assumptions about California being sunny all the time. They make assumptions about the people here. I guess that's because the loudest get noticed.

Whatever. I'm living my quiet life here in the mountains with my mountain cat whisperer man and our kitties. I'm trying to stay informed with a balance of not feeling stressed all the time.

Click on the picture to see the video, or you can use this link to the same video.

It's hard. Living with Chronic pain is hard. Getting older is hard. So much in the world right now really sucks big time. We all have hard stuff to deal with.

Let's just do the best we can.

It's easy to get depressed. The events of the world have me realizing even more than I already knew, how small I am in the big scheme of everything.

Some people would want me stomped off the earth, for my color, for what I believe in. I'm expendable.

Thus, the very few who care about my existence and my work ethic matter to me. Randy and the kitties and our little mountain home matter to me.

Many think it's a given that I would somehow remain physically fit and not become overweight, or that it's not a daily battle to not give up on this.

Not true. It's a daily mental battle for me. My shoulder hurts 24 x 7 and it's hard to sleep. I'm seeing the doctor for the bone spur that I can hear ripping tissue every time I get dressed or put a jacket on. Everything takes time.

It hurts to workout. I limit the range of motion to what I can do, and upper and lower body are limited. But I can do a modified workout. I have to brush away the negative thoughts about what I can no longer do.

It's a mental battle every time I workout. Every day.

Thus, it's also a mental battle to stay on track with nutrition. Why bother with it? Who cares really? How does it fit in the big scheme of things. I'm expendable. There are only a few of you who would even notice if I wasn't here anymore.